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8 min readJun 9, 2022


Dear adventurers and Heroes, it is time for us to announce our very first Battle Pass 1, starting on 8th June, 4PM UTC 🚀 We hope that you Heroes had the time to settle in and are well verse with the functionalities of Mission Crafts.

Hold on to your ships, rockets, and horses 😆! There will be a bucketload of prizes up for grabs in this event 🎊 Battle Pass 1 rewards consists of 6 different Accolades, 3 Noble Zendodos, 5 New Weapons and a Limited Edition Mission Craft.

With prizes set out for both Kings 👑 and Knights 🏇 in different pools, this event is one catered for ALL so grab along your friends who are not yet part of the party and let’s get down to business 📚

The scoring for Battle Pass 1 will take into account all the Zen Battle Points (ZBP) ⚔️ earned and contributed from 8th June, 4PM UTC till the end of the event on 31st July 2022, 11.59PM

The Bountiful Bounty 💰

Heroes! Have a peek at what we have in store for players participating in Battle Pass 1! Kings & Knights that rank higher up the leaderboard can attain up to 15 different NFTs through Battle Pass 1 💥

The Insignia of Courage — Accolades ⚔️

All contenders of Battle Pass 1 will stand to receive animated accolade(s) worthy of their efforts in this event! This will grant Heroes with even further increases in Staking Power AND boost their earning prowess 🔥

These insignia’s will also be display on your profile page for all Heroes to admire 🏆

The Aristocrats 👑

Want dibs on a LIMITED number of Noble Zendodos up for grabs for this event? ONLY obtainable by event releases in Zendodo Party, there will be 3 classes of Noble Zendodos in Battle Pass 1 that Heroes can attain 🚀

Acting as an exclusive Zendodo, this will give you an ADDITIONAL boost over other Heroes in our Weekly Rewards draw as you will possess a Zendodo that others would not have 🎁 This Zendodo can also provide an extra helping hand in Missions or Staking to get you some more of that nifty dough 🍞

The Armaments ⚔️

The prize pool certainly does not stop there! Valiant Heroes that take part in Battle Pass 1 will also walk away with a power infused exclusive Weapon that will aid them and their Zendodos in travels🌤, doing more damage to bosses and securing more loot! There will be a lineup of 6 different weapons that Heroes may obtain 🔥 These are ultimate collectibles that won’t be available through any other means, be it drops or The Forge 🔨

The Virtuous Vessel 🚢

FINALLY! The TOP adventurers of this event will be awarded with a prestigious craft that they can call their own 🛩 This will allow them to DECIDE on various aspects of Missions (Commission, Exclusivity and more!) and be the captain on board ⚓️ With a capacity of 12 Zendodos, this is certainly one to vie for — allowing some serious spanking to be done with the right crew 💯

The Adventurer’s Escapade 💰

The MOST interesting part — what is up for grabs? 🤔

Strap in Heroes! The prizes from Battle Pass 1 will be in the form of WAX ballot 🤑, Limited Edition Accolades 🎴, Event Exclusive Noble Zendodos 💠, Weapons 🏹 AND EVEN a Battle Pass Craft 🛥!

These prizes will be available to the Top 100 Heroes in either the Kings 👑 or Knights 🏇 category pools (more information about this later 🎆)!

King’s Bounty 👑

Top 100: Valiant Medal + Arcwind
Top 75: Previous Rewards + Gallant Medal
Top 50: Previous Rewards + Honorary Medal + Frost Lynch
Top 35: Previous Rewards + Knight’s Banner + Obliterator + Bowie
Top 20: Previous Rewards + General’s Banner + Inferum + Azula
Top 10: Previous Rewards + King’s Banner + Winderbane + Brutus + The Sham Messenger

🎁 Prizes are accumulative, so the Top 10 Kings will receive all 15 NFTs available in this Battle Pass 1 ⚔️ 100 ZBP is required to be eligible for these prizes!

Knight’s Treasure 🏇

Top 100: Arcwind
Top 50: Previous Reward + Valiant Medal
Top 20: Previous Rewards + Gallant Medal + Frost Wind + Bowie
Top 10: Previous Rewards + Honorary Medal + Obliterator + Azula
Top 3: Previous Rewards + Knight’s Banner + Inferum + Brutus + The Sham Messenger

🎁 Similarly, prizes are accumulative, so the Top 3 Knights will receive all 12 NFTs ⚔️ 100 ZBP contributed is required to be eligible for these prizes!

The Adventurer’s Ballot 🎡

In the Adventurer’s Ballot, unlimited WAX is available to be won 🤯 The reward pool will grow based on the number of active participants in Battle Pass 1 👊

The Rules of Engagement 📝

Through the course of Battle Pass 1, for every batch of 50 active Kings & Knights that participates, 1 Award of 250 WAX 💰 will be added to the prize pool 🔥 An active participant is defined by a King that has earned 250 ZBP or a Knight that has contributed 250 ZBP to his King.

Ballot Count

A King 👑 will receive a Ballot Ticket Sticker 🎫 for every 500 ZBP earned and a Knight 💎 will receive a Ballot Ticket Sticker 🎫 for every 500 ZBP contributed.

Each of these stickers equal to 1 ballot into the final draw and can be used in our soon-to-be-released Sticker Book 🔥 These ballot tickets will be distributed at the end of the Battle Pass, subject to change.

Reward Pool Projection

A NEW Nemesis Emerges 😈

Prepare yourselves Heroes! With the release on Battle Pass 1, a new elemental boss will set foot in the wilderness terrain 🌲 Brimmangler, The Jungle Beast is an Earth based 🌲 boss, making its weakness the Fire Element 🔥 Put on your adventure suits and equip your best flame weapons 🚒 to take this foe down 💯

Ocra is not to be messed with! Make sure you are well prepared and group up with your desired expedition members before heading into the depths of the jungle to face him ☠️ Heroes will be able to hunt down the Brimmangler soon!

Zen Battle Points Ladder ⛩

For Heroes that have yet to grasp it: Zen Battle Points (ZBP) are a new form of reward that are issued to valiant Heroes upon the successful completion of Missions 💯 Calculated based on factors such as Individual Energy Used, Damage expended & Reward Tier reached ⚔️, Heroes will receive varying values of ZBP depending on the intensity of the Mission and Participation 🚢 So wait no further and work together to earn more ZBP 💰

Interested to find out more? Click here for an in-depth look into its calculations ➕

King’s Domain 👑
Kings are players that either send out their own assets on missions or lend their assets to others (Knights). Kings are able to earn ZBP either through managing their personal assets or via Knights who can help them earn ZBP, which are distributed for each SUCCESSFULLY ✅ completely mission, attaining the first Tier of mission reward. Kings will compete in their own leaderboard and the top Kings that has earned the most ZBP through their own means or lending out their assets will emerge victorious in this Battle Pass!

Knight’s Arena 🏇
Knights (who help to actively manage assets of others) on the other hand will compete on a SEPARATE leaderboard for rewards of their own! Knights will have to challenge themselves to contribute the most amount of ZBP ⚔️ to their Kings through the Battle Season and the most hardworking & of course, the Knight that can convince Kings to lend them stronger assets will find it easier to climb the leaderboard.

Knights can use the Battle Pass period as a stepping stone to building their own collection of Zendodo Party assets (Zendodos & Mission Crafts up for grabs) and who knows, you might earn yourself a Kingship one day 🔥

Question: Can I compete in both categories?
Answer: ABSOLUTELY! Heroes are entitled to compete as both Kings and Knights in the event and win even more!

Question: Where can I see my ranking?
Answer: Your ranking will be available on our leaderboard soon. However, due to developmental constraints, we will require more time to get the leaderboard ready. In the meantime, your Battle Pass 1 ZBP earnings are already being recorded! You can view your current Battle Pass 1 ZBP earnings here. Put your wax address in the “lower bound” and “upper bound”.

The Pioneer Loot Crates 💰

Hey hey hey! As teased and briefed in our 30th Update article, Team Zendodo will be rewarding the players that have been diligently participating in Mission Craft — the Top 30 Kings and Top 15 Knights 🏆

The snapshot 📸 was done on 8th June 2022, 4PM UTC and these amazing Heroes will be rewarded with Cargos, Crates and one of the FIRST few Tool Forge Potions! 🎁

Check out the list of winners and Prizes🏅 by clicking the link 🔗 here!

Stay on top of the situation and make sure you’re in the running for the top positions this Battle Season 1 to walk off with way more prizes!



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