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4 min readJul 30, 2022


It is once again time for us to announce the rewards in stall for Heroes this Season 💰 And No! You did not read it wrong, we have tweaked the Completion Bonus the Season for you to get more… way more 🚀 Introducing to you, Chromium Zendodos ✨ which provides a boost to your Seasonal Completion Bonus 🆙 With up to 630% increase in your Base Bonus 🤯 Also, here’s a Season 6 Completion Bonus Calculator for you to see your potential bonus, simply make a copy ⭐️

Season 6 Line-Up 🖖

Every Season, The ZenMother releases 6 Base Zendodos (Bottom Row) at the start of the Season and through the season, another 4 Limited Edition Zendodo (Top Row), with limited mints 🙌 will be released!

These 10 unique Zendodos will be used to calculate your Base Rewards each Season 💰

Completion Bonus

Based on the 10 Zendodos shown above, players will be rewarded a Seasonal Completion Bonus, consisting of a stakeable Accolade, $WAX 💰 and $ZENDI 💵 as long as they are able to attain 6 unique ones. The rewards are as such:

Gold Season 6 Completion Bonus 🥇
Requirement: 10 unique Season 6 Zendodos
Season 6 Gold Trophy (1.40x Staking Boost)
• 400 WAX
• 400 ZENDI

Silver Season 6 Completion Bonus 🥈
Requirement: 8 unique Season 6 Zendodos
• Season 6 Silver Trophy (1.20x Staking Boost)
• 150 WAX
• 150 ZENDI

Bronze Season 6 Completion Bonus 🥉
Requirement: 6 unique Season 6 Zendodos
Season 6 Bronze Trophy (1.10x Staking Boost)
• 50 WAX
• 50 ZENDI

The snapshot 📸 will happen on 4th September, 6PM UTC! So start collecting these Season 6 Zendodos as the clock is ticking ⏰⏰⏰…

There is no cap to the number of boost you are able to get! If a hero is able to get 2 sets of 10 unique S6 Zendodos for 2x Gold Bonus, another set of 8 unique S6 Zendodos for a Silver Bonus and one more set of 6 unique S6 Zendodos, the player will be receive 2 Gold Bonus (800 WAX), 1 Silver Bonus (150 WAX) and 1 Bronze Bonus (50 WAX). Use this calculator to see your Completion Bonus for Season 6!

Introducing Boosters

Introducing Boosters, also known as Chromium Zendodos ✨ These Chromium Zendodos will provide a boost to your Seasonal Completion Bonus and will count as a unique Zendodo that can multiply your Weekly Rewards 🎟 draw entries! However, it cannot be used to obtain the Seasonal Bonus (e.g. it’s not part of the 10 Zendodos reflected above). Here’s a breakdown of each Chromium boost:

Your total boost ⏫ for your Season 6 Completion Bonus will be the sum of the individual boosts from each unique Chromium Zendodos ✨

The boost 🚀 from your Chromium Zendodo ✨ can only be applied once. Meaning, if you have 2 copies of Bonbori — Silver, your Seasonal Completion Bonus will only be boosted by 30%. It’s best to trade Chromium with other players to get more uniques and get the full potential of these boosters, to get the maximum of 630% boost 💪

Calculating your Total Seasonal Completion Bonus ➕

Say for example, Hero A has 1 Gold Bonus, 1 Silver Bonus and 1 Bronze Bonus from Season 6 Zendodos and if in his wallet, Hero A has a Donnie — Gold (75% Boost), Crimson — Silver (25% Boost) and Bonbori — Gold (150% Boost).

Base Completion Bonus = 3 Trophies, 600 WAX 💰 & 600 ZENDI 💵
Booster = 75% + 25% + 150% = 250%
Total Completion Bonus = 3 Trophies, 2,100 WAX 💰 & 2,100 ZENDI 💵

You can always check your expected rewards using our Seasonal Completion Bonus Calculator here!

Obtaining Chromium Zendodos 🍀

Chromium Zendodos can only be found in Season 6 Silver and Gold Packs, with the following odds:

Season 6 Silver and Gold Packs will be released shortly after the first Base Bonbori is minted — which would be really, really soon 🎉

Your Journey Begins ⛵️

Dear Heroes, we are so happy to announce better rewards this season with the potential to boost your base reward by 630% 🤯 We would like to thank our veteran collectors who have stuck by us for the longest of time and also, wish to welcome new Heroes who choose to embark on a Dodoland Journey with wide, open arms 🤗

We have an array of features we are in the midst of developing so stay tuned to our announcements via Discord, Twitter and Telegram! Cheers and let’s proceed with the Season with much more excitement 🎉



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