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6 min readSep 1, 2021

Do you have Zendodos sitting idly in your WAX wallet; beautiful art-pieces that you can’t look away from? Let us do you one better! Our Reward Pools 💰 (Staking Pools) mechanism was launched on 1st September 2021, 4PM UTC and we’re here to introduce our Staking Pools 🚀

There are 2 different Staking Pools — Rally Pool & Mining Pool.

  • Rally Pool — Stake Zendodos to earn Zendodos
  • Mining Pool — Stake Zendodos to mine Zendi Coins

Rally Pool

Never underestimate the influence and attraction your dear Zendodos have on other Zendodos ❤️ The Zendodos you lead have the ability to rally more Zendodos into your Party 🎊

In the Rally Pool, Heroes are able to stake their Zendodos to attain more Zendodos. The quantity of Zendodos that will be distributed via the Rally Pool will be decided on a weekly basis based on the following factors:

  • Total Number of Heroes Staking in the Pool
  • Expected Zendodos rewarded to the average/median Hero
  • Secondary Market Prices of Zendodos

The Zendodos rallied into your Party will be of the current Season’s Base Zendodo. For example, Season 1’s Bailey or future Season’s Evolution I Zendodo ⚓️ . Heroes are then able to obtain higher evolution Zendodos through evolving these Zendodos 🔥

Mining Pool

It’s tough work 😰 but your Party of Zendodos will get the mining done for you! Your Zendodos will go 30,000 feet deep into the ground to find you some Zendi Coins 💰

In the Mining Pool, Heroes are able to stake their Zendodos to mine for Zendi Coins. The Zendi Coins rewarded each week will be decided beforehand according to similar metrics stated above. These Zendi Coins may be used for the following non-exhaustive functions:

  • Purchase Zephites (New Breed in Dodoland)
  • Purchase Bronze Tool Packs
  • Purchase Zapping and Forging Potions
  • Forging Tools to a Higher Evolution
  • Speed up Mission Crafts Cooldown Period

Zendodo’s Staking Power

The staking power of each of your Zendodo can be found on the top of your Zendodo Card or in the immutable data of the NFT. With every evolution of your Zendodo, there is a significant boost to its Staking Power! So don’t leave any spare Zendodos lying around 🔥

The reward you receive will be the % of your total staking power in comparison with the global staking power. For example, if the reward that will be distributed for the hour is 10 Zendi Coins in our Mining Pool and a Hero stakes 10% of the global staking power, he will receive 1 unclaimed Zendi Coin during our hourly distribution.

Boosting your Staking Power

Heroes are also able to obtain Power Boosters such as tools and accolades in order to boost the staking power of your Zendodos! Each of these Power Boosters has a multiplier on the top of the card. In the example above, the Money Gun (which is a Rally Tool) can be staked along with a single Bulldoze in the Rally Pool, giving Bulldoze a Staking Power boost of 1.16x.

Do bear in mind that there are 2 different sets of tools — Rally Tools & Mining Tools and they are only stakeable in their corresponding Pool Type. E.g. Rally Tools can only be staked in the Rally Pool along with a single Zendodo.

How to use the Staking Interface?

With the complexity of our Smart Contract, Heroes are able to stake and unstake more than 1 asset at a time on our staking page! As seen from the screenshot above, when a Hero clicks on an asset to be staked, the assets are shaded and a number pops up! This allows Heroes to better visualise which Power Booster will be staked along with their Zendodos. As the Hero goes on to click on a shovel to be staked along with their Zendodo, the tool will be shaded along with the same number as the paired Zendodo.

Hence, if the Hero goes on to click the stake button and signs the transaction (do enlarge the image for a better visuals) in the example given above, these will be the assets staked:

  • 1st Paired Asset (#1): Bailey + Shovel
  • 2nd Single Asset (#2): Bailey
  • 3rd Paired Asset (#3): Bailey + Shovel

The Zendodo Archive

The Zendodo Archive is now live too! On this page, you are currently able to see all the Zendodos available in Dodoland. These are some other functions of our archive page:

  • See the current mint #, number of assets in circulation & number of assets burned of each Zendodo.
  • See the maximum mints available for our Event and Limited Edition Zendodos.
  • See the Evolution & Morphing requirements of the target Zendodo through the (i) button.
  • Jump straight to the marketplace (AtomicHub) when a Zendodo is clicked. The marketplace will automatically filter the cheapest Zendodo (of the type you clicked) on sale.

Our Weekly Rewards mechanism encourages Heroes to obtain as many unique Zendodos as possible and our Archive Page should very well help Heroes quickly identify and obtain the missing Zendodos in your possession.

*Important Improvement to be Made: The current archive will showcase (none greyscale), the Zendodos you have in your wallet. However, it currently do not reflect the Zendodos you have staked into our staking pools. We will soon push out a version where all owned Zendodos in your wallet & in the staking pool are reflected in the archive.

Let Staking Begin!

In closing, we would like to say a great job, well done to the developers in Team Zendodo for producing our first Beta version of our staking mechanism 😍 We have expedited the process and delivered our commitments to our community very much ahead of schedule (Staking was scheduled to be out at the end of September). We would also like to kindly remind Heroes that our staking mechanism is in Beta and we will continually improve the interface of our staking pages and the rest of our website! Should you have any questions, feel free to discuss and provide us with some feedback over Discord, Telegram or Twitter! We will be collating a list of FAQs and answer them through an upcoming medium article! Once we have verified that our staking pages and mechanisms are stable and of satisfactory standard, we will move on to launch our tool pack sale 🛠 along with multiple mediums of paid advertisements, bringing more Heroes into Dodoland. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for believing in Team Zendodo and we will always work to serve the community as best we can ❤️ It’s time for moon 🚀



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