Team Zendodo Update #10

Dear all Heroes! I hope you’re as excited as us as we approach our milestone of Reward Pools 🔥 The last week has been a busy week for our developers, working on multiple features at once — Reward Pools, Zendodo Archive & Profile Page 🚀 We have also achieved a new milestone last week where the strongest Evolution of Season 1 has been minted (Alfie); two of them in fact! We have some exciting releases coming this week 🎉 However, before we go into the details of some of our releases, let’s reveal this week winners of our Weekly Rewards consisting of 3,000 WAX 💰 and 95 Zendodos ⚔️

Week #10 Weekly Reward Winners

Here are your 35 Lucky Winners this week 🍀 If you would like to read up more on how to participate in our Weekly Rewards, you can refer to this article 🎉

  • Tier 3 Reward (20 Winners)
    e5obe.wam (651 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #31)
    blhsu.wam (152 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #87)
    f2zru.wam (67 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #134)
    exib2.wam (262 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #67)
    fingerstickk (704 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #28)
    az1ay.wam (538 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #34)
    batba.wam (275 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #64)
    aouty.wam (70 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #124)
    lfjsm.wam (2006 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #9)
    myvtc.wam (304 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #54)
    dpzbs.wam (2922 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #2)
    mn3rg.wam (745 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #25)
    wrjea.wam (1843 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #11)
    iyuca.wam (36 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #178)
    nycticebus21 (290 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #58)
    znldu.wam (1612 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #12)
    2vpr4.wam (339 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #50)
    y3crm.wam (60 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #154)
    1byug.wam (65 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #139)
    j33b.wam (286 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #60)
    Prize: 50 WAX + 1 Bailey
  • Tier 2 Reward (10 Winners)
    1uvb4.wam (474 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #37)
    dbbb4.wam (33 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #182)
    joshthegreat (519 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #35)
    ex3ea.wam (2161 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #7)
    w22rc.wam (1371 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #15)
    zcvqy.wam (1333 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #16)
    mrunknownnft (2194 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #5)
    cmzec.wam (2919 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #3)
    gppr4.wam (679 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #29)
    db1rc.wam (1316 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #17)
    Prize: 100 WAX + 1 Fannyspark
  • Tier 1 Reward (5 Winners)
    frademorais1 (509 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #36)
    4uqbc.wam (356 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #46)
    mrgb4.wam (2101 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #8)
    2vrdy.wam (2336 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #4)
    t51bs.wam (3209 Strength — Leaderboard Rank #1)
    Prize: 200 WAX + 1 Delilah

🎉 Congratulations to all winners this week! A small reminder from Team Zendodo: As we approach our Rally and Mining Pool launch, your Zendodo Army Strength will provide you with more staking power. However, we will convert the weighted lottery draws for our Weekly Rewards away from your Zendodo Army Strength into the number of Unique Zendodos you own ⚠️

Weekly Updates

Basic Tools

On Wednesday, 18th August, 4PM UTC. We will be have a Basic Tools drop! We will placing 2 Tools for sale — Signboard (Rally Tool) & Shovel (Mining Tool). There will be 300 of each, going at 10 WAX each!

  • 100 of each Tool will be in an open drop
  • 200 of each Tool will be in a whitelisted drop (25 Army Strength Required)

This will be the only drop that we will be dropping individual tools. We have scheduled a major tool drop (packs) a few weeks after the launch of our reward pools. The main purpose of this drop however would be to allow Heroes like you to attain low mints Tools & for Team Zendodo to do our final tests on Tools before the release of our reward pools.

Season 1 Limited Edition Zendodo

In the next few days, we will reveal our first Season 1 Limited Edition Zendodo, with the morph scheduled to be in the later part of the week! ❄️ Get your snowballs ready ❗️

Mutation Rewards 🎉

Here’s an update on the Evolution Rewards ⚔️ we’ve revealed at the start of Season 1:

  • Mr Austin: 50/50 Minted (All rewards claimed)
  • Armageddon: 21/25 Minted (4 Rewards to be claimed)
  • Alfie: 2/10 Minted (8 Rewards to be claimed)

The rewards will be distributed once all possible rewards have been claimed 🎉

Development Update

Heroes, Team Zendodo plans on releasing a bunch of features in the coming weeks! There is progress and we thank all the Heroes who’ve been patiently awaiting developments in Dodoland 😍 Zendodo Party, albeit being only 2.5 months old, has achieved a bunch thanks to all of the Heroes out there ❤️ We currently have 22 Unique Zendodos roaming the vast lands and there are many more in the near horizon!

With the backend of our staking platform ready to go, Team Zendodo will be working on multiple front-end (website) aspects to provide a more holistic experience for both new and veteran Heroes 🎊 The promises we’ve made on our website states that our Reward Pool will be out by the 3rd Quarter of 2021 (End of Oct). However, we’re optimistic on achieving what we’ve set out to do early and we’re continually working the hardest we can 👍

Perhaps something that might have caught your eye would be “New Breed in Dodoland” 😈 Yes, do enjoy speculating on our Discord & Telegram chats but it’s a new and exciting road ahead 🚀

Zendodo Party Stats 📈

Zendodos in Circulation ♻️

The total number of Zendodos in circulation ♻️ can be found on our Discord Server, in the channel #🔗-Links. In the future, all these stats can be seen in our Zendodo Archive on our website!

Secondary Market 📊

7 Days Stats:
Collection Rank #54
Volume: 20.7k WAX

All-Time Stats:
Volume: 218.2k WAX




Zendodo is a NFT game that lives on the WAX blockchain. Join by Amassing your Zendodo Party through Evolving, Morphing and Staking your Zendodos!

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Zendodo Party

Zendodo Party

Zendodo is a NFT game that lives on the WAX blockchain. Join by Amassing your Zendodo Party through Evolving, Morphing and Staking your Zendodos!

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