Team Zendodo Update #22

Attention Heroes! What a shocking past week we had ⚡️ With the release of the Zap Lab, the announcement of 3 new mighty Zephites, and the conclusion of the Zendo-Bingo event, the past week was nothing short of amazing 🔥 We hope you Heroes are enjoying yourselves as your Zendodos are working hard in the Mining Pool with double rewards! 🌕 But you veteran Heroes know that the fun does not end there 😉 Catch up in this weekly update to find out on current events and the winners of our ever-growing weekly rewards! ❤️

Pool Sizes & Weekly Rewards

📈 Rally Pool = 420 Zendodos / Week ⚔️
Rewarding Zendodo: Toddy 🍄

📈 Mining Pool = 3,300 ZENDI / Week 💰

🎉 Weekly Rewards = 2,000 WAX + 75 Zendodos

  • Tier 1: 100 WAX + 1 Paige 🌵 (5 Winners)
  • Tier 2: 50 WAX + 2 Toddies 🍄 (15 Winners)
  • Tier 3: 25 WAX + 1 Toddy 🍄 (25 Winners)

Read more on our Staking Pools & Weekly Rewards!

The ZENDI Strike ⛏

Heroes! Want to get your hands on more Zephites from the Tiki Hut? The luxurious Mining Pool with DOUBLE rewards is still open from now till 17th Nov, 4PM UTC! 💥 Equip your Zendodos with mining gear and put them to work for some elusive ZENDI Coins! 💰

Season 2 Completion Bonuses 💰

Heroes! The end of Season 2 is in sight and so is the window to amass your Zendodos before the snapshot on 5th Dec, 6PM UTC 📸 The full line-up of our Season 2 Zendodos are out and there are over 115,000 WAX worth of prizes to be won so get collecting before its too late! ⏰
(P.S. At the time of this article, half of our loveable Cobbles are still up for Minting 🚀)

For Heroes that’ve collected all Unique Zendodos of Season 2:

  • Season 2 Gold Trophy 🥇 [1.40x Staking Boost]
  • 600 WAX 💰 (~USD 276.00)
  • 150 ZENDI 💵 (~USD 303.60)

For Heroes that’ve collected 8 or 9 Unique Zendodos of Season 2:

  • Season 2 Silver Trophy 🥈[1.20x Staking Boost]
  • 175 WAX 💰 (~USD 80.60)
  • 75 ZENDI 💵 (~USD 151.80)

For Heroes that’ve collected 6 or 7 Unique Zendodos of Season 2:

  • Season 2 Bronze Trophy 🥉[1.10x Staking Boost]
  • 75 WAX 💰 (~USD 34.50)
  • 25 ZENDI 💵 (~USD 50.60)

Development Update

It is time for Team Zendodo to bring you guys our weekly development updates! 🔥 With the electrifying launch of our Zap Lab last week ⚡️, the team is now working to put the finishing touches on our Weekly Rewards page so that Heroes are able to track their juicy rewards over time 🎁 Exciting changes are up ahead as we work towards releasing a fresh new homepage and introduce improvements to the overall User Experience ❤️ Finally, we hope you Heroes have your backpacks packed as the Mission Crafts developments are underway ⚔️ A storm is definitely coming this Winter ❄️

Weekly Rewards #23

This week, we have a total of 50 winners sharing a grand pool of 2,000 WAX 💰 and 75 Zendodos 🍀 We have a total of 738,758 Draw Entries in week!

  • Tier 3 Reward (30 Winners):
    db1rc.wam (24446 Entries), 2vrdy.wam (12613 Entries), nftmagichest (2141 Entries), wirre.wam (12903 Entries), t51bs.wam (15019 Entries), s3ydy.wam (786 Entries), o43rk.wam (5895 Entries), gyfss.wam (1920 Entries), fptqy.wam (3699 Entries), wrjea.wam (20864 Entries), cmzec.wam (37243 Entries), z.igc.wam (17004 Entries), e1qb4.wam (422 Entries), 3guuc.wam (5855 Entries), fshbs.wam (2806 Entries), cu3ei.wam (1959 Entries), qyhvm.wam (485 Entries), nadeveer1234 (1245 Entries), j33b.wam (6570 Entries), w22rc.wam (16667 Entries), dsvhe.wam (760 Entries), zdob4.wam (222 Entries), u13b4.wam (1017 Entries), 2jsb4.wam (127 Entries), 2x1ba.wam (209 Entries), o.tfq.wam (20093 Entries), lfjsm.wam (18600 Entries), lcowm.wam (7 Entries), toooooooon2k (4552 Entries), .4abi.wam (492 Entries)
    Reward: 25 WAX 💰 + 1 Toddy 🍄
  • Tier 2 Reward (15 Winners):
    jagt4.wam (9063 Entries), 3ouay.wam (2144 Entries), xputi.wam (40053 Entries), 3zqau.wam (217 Entries), e3ps.wam (10334 Entries), ex3ea.wam (9282 Entries), ekvbi.wam (12800 Entries), (1521 Entries), emgh.wam (10 Entries), rqcr.wam (3703 Entries), ry4qy.wam (17 Entries), mdgwy.wam (2976 Entries), 1uvb4.wam (28594 Entries), t23bi.wam (31953 Entries), znldu.wam (9178 Entries)
    Reward: 50 WAX 💰 + 2 Toddies 🍄
  • Tier 1 Reward (5 Winners):
    dpzbs.wam (37229 Entries), pddra.wam (14741 Entries), jd3qy.wam (4367 Entries), qflr.wam (27338 Entries), ge.l2.wam (1182 Entries)
    Reward: 100 WAX 💰 + 1 Paige 🌵

Congratulations to all winners! The next Weekly Rewards snapshot 📸 will be on 21st November, 6PM UTC 🔥 There will be a total of 50 Winners this week sharing a pool of 2,000 WAX 💰 & 75 Zendodos 🍄

Doomsman’s Explosive Giveaway 🔥

Missed out on the Weekly Rewards? Fret not as Freddy Doomsman is still giving out prizes from now till 16th Nov 4PM UTC! 🎁 Stand a chance to walk away with attractive prizes such as the elusive Zephite Packs and Zendi Coins which will definitely come in handy when Zapping (Worth up to 1000 USD)! 🔮 Click here to join!




Zendodo is a NFT game that lives on the WAX blockchain. Join by Amassing your Zendodo Party through Evolving, Morphing and Staking your Zendodos!

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Zendodo Party

Zendodo Party

Zendodo is a NFT game that lives on the WAX blockchain. Join by Amassing your Zendodo Party through Evolving, Morphing and Staking your Zendodos!

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