Team Zendodo Update #24

Another eventful week passes by in Dodoland 🌄 Heroes! We hope you guys are geared up ⚔️ as we head towards Season 3 in the upcoming week, and bid farewell to our beloved Season 2 Zendodos ❤️ With only a week left till the snapshot of our Season Completion Rewards, be sure to rally and stack up towards those prizes 🎁 ANDD… without further ado, lets dive right into our weekly updates (Strap in Heroes! This is a long but exciting one!) ☕️

Pool Sizes & Weekly Rewards

📈 Rally Pool = 420 Zendodos / Week ⚔️
Rewarding Zendodo: Toddy 🍄

📈 Mining Pool = 3,300 ZENDI / Week 💰

🎉 Weekly Rewards = 2,000 WAX + 75 Zendodos

  • Tier 1: 100 WAX + 1 Paige 🌵 (5 Winners)
  • Tier 2: 50 WAX + 2 Toddies 🍄 (15 Winners)
  • Tier 3: 25 WAX + 1 Toddy 🍄 (30 Winners)

Read more on our Staking Pools & Weekly Rewards!

Last Week for Season 2 Completion Bonuses 🏆

Dear Heroes, the conclusion of Season 2 is upon us! It is the last week to grab your Zendodos before our Completion Bonus snapshot on 5th December, 6PM UTC 📸 It is also time to rally up your party before these Unique Season 2 Zendodos roam free and will not be available for grabs anymore! If you’d like to grab a share of the over 115,000 WAX worth of prizes and even a limited edition shiny Season 2 Trophy Accolade of your own, no time is better than now 🎇

Heroes that have collected more than a set of Season 2 Zendodos are also eligible for multiple completion bonuses! What are you waiting for? Get collecting now and these Zendodos will sure come in useful for the upcoming Mission Crafts and its active rewards! 💰

For Heroes that’ve collected all Unique Zendodos of Season 2:

  • Season 2 Gold Trophy 🥇 [1.40x Staking Boost]
  • 600 WAX 💰 (~USD 420)
  • 150 ZENDI 💵 (~USD 210)

For Heroes that’ve collected 8 or 9 Unique Zendodos of Season 2:

  • Season 2 Silver Trophy 🥈[1.20x Staking Boost]
  • 175 WAX 💰 (~USD 122.5)
  • 75 ZENDI 💵 (~USD 105)

For Heroes that’ve collected 6 or 7 Unique Zendodos of Season 2:

  • Season 2 Bronze Trophy 🥉[1.10x Staking Boost]
  • 75 WAX 💰 (~USD 52.5)
  • 25 ZENDI 💵 (~USD 35)

Who’s that Zendodo? 👤

What better way is there to introduce our new line-up of loveable Zendodos than with you Heroes participating 🎇 Rack your brains and guess the Animal our Zendodo resembles 🤔 There are sure-win prizes for Heroes who manage to guess the correct answers! 🌟

Event Details

  1. Silhouettes of Season 3 Zendodos will be posted on our socials
  2. Access the giveaway link and follow the steps stated and submit your best guess❓
  3. Correct answers will be entered into a raffle for Heroes to win BIG 🎆

Prizes 🎁

A total of 5 Winners will be selected in each giveaway to walk away with 1x Season 3 Evolution I Zendodo 🐾 Every correct guess made by heroes will also be given a special Season 3 sticker! You heard that right! Simply type in your guesses and stand to gain a beneficial prize of your own 😍
With only 2 more Silhouettes to go, get down to guessing Heroes! ⚔️

Winners 🌠

Who’s that Zendodo #1 :
r5xi2.wam, xcyhg.wam, xputi.wam, x.cxi.wam, yuvpi.wam
Who’s that Zendodo #2 :
bnfsa.wam, fnsjc.wam, x3nuu.wam, pl3rc.wam, qrvoo.wam
Who’s that Zendodo #3 :
t23bi.wam, 1rpgg.wam, id5w2.wam, srrug.wam, xny5m.wam
Who’s that Zendodo #4 :
fqivw.wam, xny5m.wam, ifsb.wam, d4cxw.wam, mrgb4.wam
Who’s that Zendodo #5 :
ozkb4.wam, nftmagichest, fqivw.wam, rqlha.wam, qdmra.wam

Zendodo Mutation Extravaganza 🎆

Heroes! You have blown us away with the amount of support you’ve shown us this Event! 🔥 With a total prize pool of 1754.05 ZENDIs & 60 Season 3 Evolution I Zendodos, you all are definitely granted a head start in our Zap-Up ⚡️ challenge and Season 3 release! Hurry on down and get Zapping to get those lucrative rewards 💝

Winners 🌅

To check out what you’ve won as well as the list of winners, click here!

Zendodo Trivia #3 🔥

You’ve managed to WOW us yet again Heroes! 🌸 The turnout for our third ever Trivia run was nothing short of amazing 🌟 We hope you all had as much fun as we did hosting it and you can bet that there is more of such live events happening soon! 😉

Winners 💫

Round #1 :
db1rc.wam, q5nue.wam, wirre.wam
Round #2 :
ssrug.wam, z.igc.wam, jothw.wam
Round #3 :
z.igc.wam, o5bfy.wam, inzg4.wam
Round #4 :
jothw.wam, ssrug.wam, o5bfy.wam, kq3b.wam
Round #5 :
ssrug.wam, z.igc.wam, ihek2.wam

Development Updates 🛠

Phew!😅 It has been a long update thus far with all the festivities in Dodoland 🌄 However, the excitement does not end there 🎊 Heroes, you may have noticed that our Zendodo Archive now loads at lightning speed⚡ ️Kudos to the Dev Team working hard behind the scenes❤️ Team Zendodo is also proud to announce that development on Mission Crafts has started (and we hope you Heroes are geared up for it!)⚔️

Within the next few weeks, we will also be rolling out a brand new look to our Homepage 🏠 and making the User Experience seamless through our Inventory Optimisation 🔥

The crunch time is here! Get ready for a jam-packed Winter as we release not only more updates, but jaw-dropping events with rewards bigger than never before 🚀 The real Party in Dodoland is just getting started 💫

Weekly Rewards #25

This week, we have a total of 50 winners sharing a grand pool of 2,000 WAX 💰 and 75 Zendodos 🍀 We have a total of 808,937 Draw Entries in week!

  • Tier 3 Reward (30 Winners):
    q3tre.wam (4041 Entries), g2bvy.wam (629 Entries), 1uvb4.wam (32172 Entries), xputi.wam (45713 Entries), 3guuc.wam (6159 Entries), pddra.wam (15555 Entries), nycticebus21 (9634 Entries), jagt4.wam (9197 Entries), fptqy.wam (3302 Entries), cmzec.wam (38346 Entries), msmqw.wam (872 Entries), hjhvw.wam (1221 Entries), qmbko.wam (1090 Entries), 4h.e4.wam (21 Entries), jd3qy.wam (7425 Entries), vcqbc.wam (213 Entries), qyhvm.wam (479 Entries), 432aw.wam (1324 Entries), 4y4qy.wam (586 Entries), ge.l2.wam (2083 Entries), vdrxm.wam (6 Entries), kydrq.wam (3283 Entries), w22rc.wam (25206 Entries), o.tfq.wam (20513 Entries), wrjea.wam (19868 Entries), tqmxo.wam (670 Entries), 14bha.wam (8052 Entries), ekvbi.wam (12606 Entries), nrhay.wam (28 Entries), zafh.wam (798 Entries), eskr2.wam (64 Entries), qflr.wam (28318 Entries), e3ps.wam (10742 Entries), ftoro.wam (1599 Entries), (2053 Entries)
    Reward: 25 WAX 💰 + 1 Toddy 🍄
  • Tier 2 Reward (15 Winners):
    cqcau.wam (11939 Entries), ss3qo.waa (5546 Entries), lbaba.wam (15516 Entries), mrunknownnft (12808 Entries), db1rc.wam (29237 Entries), dpzbs.wam (37330 Entries), 55tt.wam (9405 Entries), t51bs.wam (15030 Entries), ozkb4.wam (1104 Entries), .4abi.wam (501 Entries)
    Reward: 50 WAX 💰 + 2 Toddies 🍄
  • Tier 1 Reward (5 Winners):
    ujd5i.wam (4660 Entries), lfjsm.wam (27384 Entries), t23bi.wam (37300 Entries), toooooooon2k (4819 Entries), r13aw.wam (135 Entries)
    Reward: 100 WAX 💰 + 1 Paige 🌵

Congratulations to all winners! The next Weekly Rewards snapshot 📸 will be on 2nd December, 6PM UTC 🔥 There will be a total of 50 Winners this week sharing a pool of 2,000 WAX 💰 & 75 Zendodos 🍄




Zendodo is a NFT game that lives on the WAX blockchain. Join by Amassing your Zendodo Party through Evolving, Morphing and Staking your Zendodos!

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Zendodo Party

Zendodo Party

Zendodo is a NFT game that lives on the WAX blockchain. Join by Amassing your Zendodo Party through Evolving, Morphing and Staking your Zendodos!

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