Team Zendodo Update #30

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4 min readJun 2, 2022


Hello again dear Heroes ❤️ Team Zendodo would like to first say thank you for your patience over the past one and a half months where there was little direction provided by the Team. We hope that you Heroes have been doing well over this period and are tiding well through this time of bearish crypto and traditional markets 🤗 Now without further ado, we will proceed with our Update #30 🌈

Season 5 Extension

With only 3 Sabres (Strongest Evolution of Season 5) minted, we have decided to extend Season 5 till the end of June to allow more Heroes to mint stronger Season 5 Zendodos and attain “Stolen Gold” 💰 Which is an accolade that provides 1.30x Staking Power boost in either of our Staking Pools.

“Stolen Gold” will have a maximum mint of 10, meaning that there are only 7 left up for grabs 😝 Team Zendodo will do its best in attempt to drive out more drops in various methods to have more Tenders circulating in the market 🐥

Impending Battle Pass 1

With Mission Craft 🚀 marking its release in April 2022. Team Zendodo believe that sufficient time has been given to players to test out our Mission Craft site. To reward the players that have been diligently participating in Mission Craft, the Top 30 Kings and Top 15 Knights 🏆 will be rewarded with Cargos and Crates and other extra prizes 🎁 Additional details will be provided soon.

The snapshot for these prizes will be on 8th June 2022, 4PM UTC. Make sure to make your last bid to earn some points by heading for Missions. You may check your ranking on our leaderboard.

Battle Pass 1 will include 15 different Accolades, Noble Zendodos, Weapons and Mission Craft up for grabs where the Top King will be able to obtain ALL 15 unique NFTs. Here’s a sneak preview 😎 of what’s coming up next! In addition, a new boss 😈 will be added with the launch of Battle Pass 1!

The Zendodo Balance #2

Team Zendodo has pushed up the prices of Tenders 🐥 in the market via the purchase and burning of 48 Tenders 🍳 off the market, pushing up the lowest price of Tenders to 7.49 WAX as of 3rd June, 2:15AM UTC 👏

Heroes may verify the legitimacy of this process via checking out “zendodoburns” through this link 🔗

Upcoming Website Features

Within the next two weeks, before 19th June 2022, the following features will be pushed out. Details of these features will be revealed in time to come.

📮 Sticker Book 📮
🛠 The Forge 🛠

Team Zendodo Immediate To-Do List

  • Distribution of Weekly Rewards #49 — #51
  • Release of Season 5 Limited Edition Zendodos
  • Fixing of repeated API bugs for Mission Craft
  • The release of a new event in the second half of June

Message from Team Zendodo

The past 2 months was tough for Team Zendodo. The first set back would be the sub-standard performance of our Mission Craft drop which resulted in the Team seeing a negative return on investments placed into creating the entire Mission Craft feature.

Our financial situation was further exacerbated as we did not want to further devalue the prices of our NFTs by having more drops despite the value of assets going lower than mint price. We did not want to compete with liquidating players by dropping the prices of our NFTs further. As a result, we could not proceed with our regular drops and our income stream was disrupted.

This entire situation required us to trim some of our employees which took us some time to consolidate the workflow of the rest of the team and redirect work to different employees.

We understand that this prolonged period of silence by the team could be rather discomforting. However, we believe that this streamlining and consolidation of the team can allow us to progress Zendodo Party with a more targeted approach. We hope that you Heroes have not moved elsewhere and will continue to explore the world of Zendodo with us. Love, Zendor, creator of Zendodo Party ❤️



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