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5 min readJun 21, 2022


Heroes, the opportunity for you to upgrade your Tools and Weapons have arrived in Dodoland 🔨 With the help of Anvil our dearest Blacksmith, Heroes will be able to increase your Zendodo’s Staking Power and Mission Power in our upcoming update 💥 The Forge will be available on 21st June, 3.30PM UTC!

Operating the Forge 🛠

Forging requires 3 of the same rarity equipment!

For Anvil to upgrade your Tools and Weapons, you will need 3 of the same rarity of tools or evolution of weapons.

To get a Rare Tools, you will need to forge together 3 Normal Tools
To get an Evolution V Weapon, you will need to forge together 3 Evolution IV Weapons.

Base Equipments and Event Equipments can be used to forge to the next evolution to have an increase staking multiplier (for tools) and higher mission power (for weapons). However, you might not want to forge Event Equipments as these will not be released again in the future ⚠️

What’s the End Result of Forging? 🍀

The forging results will be based on the input into The Forge! It will be good for Heroes to understand the different classification of Equipments — Base & Event Equipments. Let’s use Tools as an example:

For tools, Team Zendodo has released 3 different classifications of tools thus far;

  1. Base Tools (Goggles, Flowers, Door Gift, Dynamite) 🔨
  2. Event Tools — Winter Wondoland (Snow Globes) ❄️
  3. Event Tools — ValentinDo (Candies) 😍

Currently, there are 5 Rarity for Tools (Normal, Rare, Epic, Mythic & Ascended) and 5 Evolutions for Weapons (From Evolution I to Evolution V). This will be the case for Base Tools & Base Weapons. However, certain Event Equipment classese do not have all the rarities or evolutions! Take Winter WonDoland Tools for example, there are only Rare and Epic Tools for this event. Therefore, if you were to forge an Epic Winter WonDoland Tool in search for Mythic Tools, only Base Mythic Tools will be a possible result 👀 Let us clarify how the end result in forging works with some examples:

Example 1

Forge Input (Rare Tools): 1x Base Tool, 1x Winter WonDoland Tool, 1x ValentinDo Tool

Potential Forge Result: 33.3% Epic Base Tool, 33.3% Epic Winter WonDoland Tool, 33.3% Epic ValentinDo Tool

Pro-Tip: You might not want to mix in a Base Tool as this reduces your odds of getting Event Tools from the forge!

Example 2

Forge Input (Rare Tools): 1x Winter WonDoland Tool, 2x ValentinDo Tools

Potential Forge Result: 33.3% Epic Winter WonDoland Tool, 66.6% Epic ValentinDo Tool

Pro-Tip: Your Forge result will be a weighted odd based on what was placed into the Forge! So, if you want to preserve the rarity of certain event equipments, make sure to input 3 of the same event equipments!

Example 3

Forge Input (Epic Tools): 1x Base Tool, 2x Winter WonDoland Tools

Potential Forge Result: 100.00% Mythic Base Tool

Pro-Tip: You definitely do not want to forge away your limited edition event equipments ⚠️ Make sure you know the range of rarities of your event equipments 👍 In this case, there are only Rare and Epic Winter WonDoland Tools ❄️ Therefore, forging an Epic Winter WonDoland Tool in search of Mythic Tools will only result in Base Tools that can be found in packs!

Before you submit your transaction to carry on with your forging venture, The Forge will display your potential results. So make sure you take heed to Anvil, The Blacksmith’s advice and don’t forge away limited edition equipments❗️

Introducing the Forging Potion

With Anvil, The Blacksmith’s years of cultivating his skills at the workshop and with a little magic involved, Anvil has crafted the Forging Potion 🍼 The Forging Potion allows Heroes to select the resulting type of equipment from forging! Anvil will be supplying Kalea’s Tiki Hut with Forging Potions for 20.0000 ZENDI from 21st June, 3.30PM UTC so get ready to gobble up those low mint Forging Potions!

Using the Forging Potion on Tools 🛠
Allows Heroes to choose if the forged Tool is either “Mining” Type or “Rally” Type

Using the Forging Potion on Weapons ⚔️
Allows Heroes to choose the element of the forged Weapons; “Fire”, “Water”, “Earth” or “Air”

This may be useful if you have preference of which staking pool you’d like to increase your power in, or if you’d like to increase your power against certain bosses when heading out for missions. For example, Pyropeck is weak against “Water” element Weapons and you might want to upgrade your weapons to higher evolution “Water” Weapons to pack a stronger punch against Pyropeck!

New Base Tools

Introducing 8 new tools ranging from Epic, Mythic and Ascended Tools 🔨

Epic — 1.10x Staking Power Boost
Mythic — 1.25x Staking Power Boost
Ascended — 1.50x Staking Power Boost

These Tools are currently only available via the Forge

Let’s Keep Anvil Busy 💪

With that, Team Zendodo hopes to see you on the 21st of June, at 3.30PM UTC and we can’t wait for Heroes like you to try out The Forge! It is time for you to increase your staking power and mission power 🌈 Now… now… remember to always take Anvil’s advice seriously before you submit your forge as any burned assets in Zendodo Party is irreversible 😢 We do not want your hard earned limited edition equipments to be destroyed! See you in a jiffy ❤️



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