The Spoils of Season 4💰

Hey there Heroes! The time of the season is here 👀 As the awaited release of Mission Crafts dawns over Dodoland, let us dive head in into another anticipated event — The Season 4 Completion Bonuses! 🔥 Hold your horses (or rather ships 😆), Victorious Heroes who have managed to collect 6 or more Unique Season 4 Zendodos by 3 April 6PM UTC are in for a treat 🍬

With a prize pool of 28,750 WAX worth of Prizes (Up to 23,500 WAX and 17,500 ZENDIs), stand to earn MORE while already reaping the rewards from our various Staking pools 💵

As per other seasons, there will be 3 Tiers of rewards 🏅 and Heroes will be able to obtain Stakeable Accolades, WAX, AND… ZENDIs 🚀

HOORAY 🎊 There are still opportunities to build up your parties and get in on those rewards! There is only 3 weeks remaining, time is ticking down Heroes! ⏰ Head over to our Discord and pop by to see when’s our next drop 👾

Season 4 Zendodo Party Lineup 🔥

Similar to previous seasons in Dodoland, The ZenMother releases 10 unique Zendodos — 6 Base Zendodos and 4 Limited Edition Zendodos! Feast your eyes 🔍 Our Season 4 line-up can be seen above (which will be obtainable from February to the end of March) ❤️

Interested in seeing the full range of loveable Zendodos? Check out all 57 of our Zendodos released thus far in our Archive! You are then able to head to the secondary market simply by clicking on the Zendodo you wish to get 🔥
(P.S. Collecting Unique Zendodos will also entitle you to more draws in our Weekly Rewards bonuses which we’ve given out over 75,000 USD worth in prizes thus far!)

📚 A word of advice: Season 4 Zendodos will cease to be dropped from 26 March onwards so plan ahead and stock up Heroes 💫

The Completion Bonuses 🚀

For Heroes that’ve collected all Unique Zendodos of Season 4:

  • Season 4 Gold Trophy 🥇
  • 400 WAX 💰 (~USD 111.00)
  • 200 ZENDI 💵 (~USD 12.20)

For Heroes that’ve collected 8 or 9 Unique Zendodos of Season 4:

  • Season 3 Silver Trophy 🥈
  • 135 WAX 💰 (~USD 37.40)
  • 100 ZENDI 💵 (~USD 6.10)

For Heroes that’ve collected 6 or 7 Unique Zendodos of Season 4:

  • Season 3 Bronze Trophy 🥉
  • 45 WAX 💰 (~USD 12.15)
  • 50 ZENDI 💵 (~USD 3.05)

Snapshot 📸

The snapshot for Season 4 Completion Bonus will happen on 3rd April 2021, 6PM UTC. This will coincide with our Weekly Rewards Snapshot to disincentivize Heroes from splitting their Zendodos into multiple accounts.

Multiple Completion Bonuses 💰

Heroes will be awarded with rewards for each completed set of unique Zendodos at the snapshot! Here is an example to help you to understand:

Hero A obtained,
- 1x Blazerion
- 2x Yukiza
- 2x Jackie
- 3x Haxle
- 3x Season 4 Evolution III Morph
- 3x Season 4 Evolution II Morph
- 3x X’loto
- 3x Patches
- 3x Evie
- 3x Nala

End Result: 1 Set of 10 Unique Zendodos, 1 Set of 9 Unique Zendodos, 1 Set of 7 Unique Zendodos
Rewards: 1x Tier 1 Reward, 1x Tier 2 Reward, 1x Tier 3 Reward

Season 4 Trophies 🏆

Cue the glitters! ✨ These Trophies that will you be getting are stakeable alongside a Zendodo to increase its Staking Power (& Earning Potential 🤑) and it will also be displayed on your Profile Page for other Heroes to admire in awe 🤤

Look Heroes! Here are the Staking Power boost each Trophy provides:

  • 🥇Season 3 Gold Trophy: 1.40x
  • 🥈Season 3 Silver Trophy: 1.20x
  • 🥉Season 3 Bronze Trophy: 1.10x

This means that if you have a Blazerion 🦁 with 600 Staking Power, staking him along with a Gold Trophy will give him a total Staking Power of 840 🚀 (an INSANE power boost indeed 🎆)

Access to the following Season Pre-Drop(s) 🎮

Veterans will know that the prizes do not stop there! In addition to all the juicy rewards mentioned above, Heroes who are in possession of Season 4 Trophies🏆 at the announced snapshot time 📸 will get premium access to the next Season’s Pre-drop(s)🔥

Season 4 Champions will thus gain access to earlier mints of the new Season and a red carpet into the next season! ⚔️

A Message from Team Zendodo 💌

The support for Zendodo Party has been stronger with the boundless numbers of LOYAL Heroes (Old & New) who have decided to take the leap and jump in on the fun 🎖 For that and for all of you, Team Zendodo is eternally grateful ❤️

Season 4 was unfortunately filled with its own set of challenges which we have taken in our stride and fought back 🍻 With the Mission Crafts release being around the corner 🚢 Zendodo Party will enter into the unknown and sail forward to brighter and greener days (and we know the kind of green we like 💸)

With the festive ValentinDo event that we held, the first ever NOBLE Zendodo 👑 was also introduced! The Staking Pool rewards have also been INCREASED 🚀 In time to come, Heroes can look forward to more events AND even more celebrations 🎆

Speaking of celebrations… Heroes in Dodoland were also handsomely rewarded through our Weekly Reward Pool which currently stands over 123,635 WAX, 20,719 Zendodos, & 117,953 ZENDIs! 🍀

SIGNIFICANT changes will be implemented soon in Zendodo Party and we would like everyone to be part of the fun 🍿 Strap in Heroes, with upgrades to Tools, NEW Weapons, and EVEN more ways to earn, this Summer is going to be WILD 🌄

To thank all of you, Team Zendodo has organised yet another giveaway for Heroes to participate in 🔥

Get collecting Heroes! We will catch you guys on the sails 🛳

Zendodo Party — Where NFT meets DeFi

Links 🔗
Zendodo Collection Guide
Heroes Leaderboard
Telegram — Announcement Channel
Telegram — Mainchat
Collection Details on AtomicHub

Disclaimer: The potential rewards in our cover image is calculated based on 25 Heroes (Max mint of Jackie) claiming the Tier 1 Completion Bonus, 50 Heroes (Max mint of Season 3 Evolution III Morph minus max mint of Jackie) claiming the Tier 2 Completion Bonus and 150 Heroes (Proxy Amount as there’s currently no limit on the number of Heroes that can attain this tier) claiming the Tier 3 Completion Bonus.




Zendodo is a NFT game that lives on the WAX blockchain. Join by Amassing your Zendodo Party through Evolving, Morphing and Staking your Zendodos!

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Zendodo Party

Zendodo Party

Zendodo is a NFT game that lives on the WAX blockchain. Join by Amassing your Zendodo Party through Evolving, Morphing and Staking your Zendodos!

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