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4 min readNov 15, 2021


Heroes! Your wait is over! Freddy Doomsman’s Zap Lab is now open for business in Dodoland 🎊 With this, you may now attain even stronger Zephites, up to 1,500 Power, which will help you Rally for more Zendodos and Mine for even more ZENDI Coins! 💰 How exactly does the Zap Lab work? 😮 Well, read on to find out more!

Here comes the shocking reveal…⚡️

Introducing… The Lab Batch 1 Zephites 🌠

What exactly are Zephites? Zephites are the creatures that Freddy Doomsman spent his life creating. With a sinister vibe that follows their creators, they need a saviour like you, Valiant Heroes, to save them and show that a home. However, Freddy Doomsman won’t give them away for free. He desires for those shiny ZENDI Coins of yours to refurbish his Citadel.

These Zephites, under the right leadership, have the potential to be even more powerful than Zendodos. With the right motivation, Zephites can also help you Rally more Zendodos and Mine for ZENDI Coins! These Zephites will count towards the Unique Zendodos you own and increase your chances at winning our Weekly Rewards.

Each Lab Batch produced by Freddy has 7 Evolutions of Zephites, with Power ranging from 2 to 1,500. The deceivingly cute line-up of our Lab Batch 1 Zephites can be seen above! ⚡️

Purchasing Zephites 💫

Zephites can be bought in packs of 1 or 3 from Kalea’s Tiki Hut using ZENDI Coins. Only the first 3 Evolutions of Zephites can be obtained from the packs with the draw odds stated above!

From then on, Zephites can be evolved by Zapping them in Freddy Doomsman’s Zap Lab! ✨

Zapping Zephites ⚡️

To evolve your Zephites, Heroes will have to bring 2 of the same Zephites over to the Zap Lab owned by Freddy Doomsman. He will use his Zapernator 9000 in an attempt to evolve your Zephites and each use of his laboratory device costs 5 ZENDIs.

Heroes are able to see Freddy’s historic Zap attempts below:

Freddy’s zappings skills falter from time to time and not all Zappings of Zephites will be successful ☠️ If you’re lucky and your Zap is successful, your 2 Zephites will be burned 🔥 and a new, higher evolution Zephite will be minted for you! 🌟 However, in the event the Zap is unsuccessful, the the higher mint Zephite will be burned 🔥 and the lower mint Zephite will be returned to you.

Zap at your Own Risk Heroes! 💀

Freddy Doomsman’s Potions ⚗️

Getting higher evolution Zephites isn’t an easy task, especially with the lower success rates as you attempt to evolve them stronger! However, not all hope is lost in your ascension! ✨ Heroes will be able to purchase Potions to increase your success rate of a Zap and mitigate the risks of an unsuccessful one. The cost of the Potions will be as such:

  • Zap Potion — Teaser (10% increase in Success Rate) — 50 ZENDIs
  • Zap Potion — Pint (15% increase in Success Rate) — 75 ZENDIs
  • Zap Potion — Jug (20% increase in Success Rate) — 100 ZENDIs
  • Bubble Wrap Potion (Saves your Zephite from destruction in the event of a failed zap ❤️ ) — 300 ZENDIs

Word from Team Zendodo 📫

The Zap Lab has been our biggest priority in the past few weeks and Team Zendodo has worked hard to bring this new electrifying experience to all players ⚡️ We wish Heroes the bestest of luck in your Zapping 🍀 and may the Mint be with you ❤️



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