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6 min readApr 13, 2022


Heroes! It has been some time since the crowd gathered outside Dr. Doomsman’s Zap Lab 🔌 With the release of Mission Crafts, Team Zendodo is back with ANOTHER electrifyingly shocking Event! Prepare your parties to enter the FIRST ZenBattle Challenge (more on this soon 😉) and invite our overwhelmingly powerful Zephites to join YOUR team this Season for a nifty Power & Earning BOOST 🚀

With ZENDI rebates on Zaps & our very first GOLD Seasonal Packs (yes you heard that right 🌈) up for grabs, this may be the BEST Event for everyone to jump in before the start of our INSANE WAX Reward ZenBattle Challenge Episode 1.

Zap right in Heroes! The ZENDI Zealot is scheduled to start on 13th Apr, 3PM UTC end on 24th April, 6PM UTC! ⏰ Make sure to enter before the window closes!

The Thundery Realm 🌩

As some of you may or may not know, Zendodo Party’s Zap Lab was released in December last year ⚡️ With its opening, the strong Lab Batch 1 Zephites entered Dodoland and our lovely Kaela had introduced new Zap Booster Potions to her Tiki Hut 🏕

Here’s some information to enlighten all Heroes 🌈

Where can I purchase Zephites?

Zephites can be obtain in 2 ways:
1) Rip open Lab Batch 1 Zephite packs from Kaela’s Tiki Hut!
2) Head over to AtomicHub for a hassle-free shopping trip 🛒

How can I obtain Stronger Zephites?

To evolve your Zephites, Heroes will have to bring 2 of the same Zephites over to the Zap Lab owned by Freddy Doomsman ⚡️ He will use his Zapernator 9000 in an attempt to evolve your Zephites and each use of his laboratory device costs 5 ZENDIs 💸

However, Freddy’s technique is not foolproof and there IS a chance of a mishap occurring ❌ The success rates are indicated as above! However, do not let this dissuade you — as Zephites climb up the power ladder, they get exponentially STRONGER 💯 making your journey all the more worth it ❤️

The 2 resultant outcomes to Zapping is listed here:
Successful Zap 🌟: If you’re lucky and your Zap is successful, your 2 Zephites will be burned and a new, higher evolution Zephite will be minted for you

Unsuccessful Zap 💀: However, in the event the Zap is unsuccessful, the the higher mint Zephite will be burned and the lower mint Zephite will be returned to you.

FRET NOT, in The ZENDI Zealot event, all Heroes will also be compensated for their trials in the Zap Lab! Read below for more information 🚀

Can I increase the odds of a Successful Zap?

YES! Of course you may! With the help of Zap Potions and Bubble Wrap Potions that are available for purchase at the Tiki Hut, Heroes can increase their chances of a successful Zap and EVEN prevent the loss of a Zephite in the event of a failure 💫 (Talk about second chances! 🔥)

The various kind of potions and their effects are listed here ⚗️:
1. Zap Potion — Teaser (10% Increase in Success Rate) — 30 ZENDIs
2. Zap Potion — Pint (15% Increase in Success Rate) — 40 ZENDIs
3. Zap Potion — Jug (20% Increase in Success Rate) — 50 ZENDIs
4. Bubble Wrap Potion (Saves your Zephite in the event of a Failed Zap) — 150 ZENDIs

GOLD is always BETTER 🎇

💰 Price: 250 WAX each

Let’s GOLD Heroes 🍻 Introducing our NEWEST Addition to Dodoland: Gold Seasonal packs 🔥 With increased draw chances, the GOLD packs provide Heroes with more value as compared to a silver pack and makes it a whopping more profitable compared to a generic evolution up from the Base Zendodo 💥

Be one of the FIRST individuals to get your hands on these packs Heroes by attaining 50 Points or MORE in this event! Shiny and Glimmery goodness incoming ✨

The Great Zappening 🎆

A SHOCKER! Heroes it is time to add some Zephites into your parties ⚔️ Send shockwaves all through Dodoland and engage these beasts in your Mission Craft Adventures for a Spanking, Earning good time 💰INCREASE your Party Power and EARN rewards while you’re at it (a 2 for 1 Special 🌟) Remember, having more unique Zephites will not only increase your Staking Power but it will also increase your chances at our Weekly Rewards 🍀

For each NEW Mint of Zephites, Heroes will be awarded POINTS for HOLDING these powerful creatures at the time of snapshot at 24th April, 6PM UTC 📸 The points allocated to each new MINT can be seen from the infographic above 🚀

Heroes can also refer their friends and family to Zendodo Party (& to build their own armies — literally) to earn ADDITIONAL points! Each successful* new referral gives Heroes 2 more points in this event!

📢 To refer new Heroes, simply:
(1) Head to the bonus section of our Mission Crafts site by clicking here
(2) Copy your referral link and share it with your friends & family
(3) As they join as new Heroes through that link, you will be awarded the points!

*To count as a successful referral, the new referred Heroes must earn at least 0.1 ZENDI worth of commission to thank their referee 🌟

Prizes* 🎁

5 Points 🦅 : 1x Mission Crafts Evo II Weapon
10 Points 🐧 : 2x Mission Crafts Evo II Weapon
20 Points 🐱: 1x Mission Crafts Evo III Weapon
50 Points 🦖 : 1x Season 5 GOLD Pack
100 Points 🐉 : 2x Season 5 GOLD Pack

The Point rewards work as checkpoints 🔥 Heroes will walk away with the rewards associated with the highest checkpoint that they reach AND re-run the race should they have additional points 🚀

Example Scenarios:
1) A Hero manages to attain 20 Points : This Hero will receive 1x Mission Crafts Evo III Weapon 🏹

2) A Hero manages to attain 25 Points : This Hero will receive 1x Mission Crafts Evo II Weapon ⚔️ AND 1x Mission Crafts Evo III Weapon 🏹

*Heroes must be holding these powerful Zephites at the time of snapshot & Weapon Element that Heroes receive will be decided on a random algorithm ➗

Let’s ZAP it Heroes 🍀

The ZENDI Guarantee 🤑

That’s not all Heroes, for every Zap done in the Zap Lab, Heroes will be entitled to receive our very own Dodoland Cashback Special!💫

As mentioned above, it costs 5 ZENDIs to utilise the Zap Lab ⚡️. HOWEVER, Team Zendodo will be rewarding brave adventurers for subjecting their beloved Zephites to a shocking good time 🌪

For EVERY Zap, Heroes will be credited back:
- 1.25 ZENDIs (a 25% return) for Successful Zaps ✅
- 3.75 ZENDIs (a 75% return!) for Unsuccessful Zaps 🙏

Supercharge your PROGRESSION 🚢

Heroes, there is honestly no other better time than now to attain those elusively powerful Zephites! With guaranteed rewards for each NEW Mint of Zephite & a cashback promise for ALL Zaps 💰, be handsomely reward in our long-awaited Zephite Event 🐉

Pick up the mantle and be the next victorious Hero to attain the first few elusive Mints of our Shy Warmhart, Playful Maxidon, and the All-Mighty Kaloong 💯️

The Zap Lab awaits!⚡️



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