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4 min readApr 8, 2022


Here we have it Heroes 🍻 A total of 189 Unique Accounts, or only 7.6% of all interested parties have been shortlisted for our acclaimed whitelist sale 👑 However, the party does not stop there 🎈Heroes have time from now till our Whitelist Ticket Snapshot on 9th April 3PM UTC 📸 to swap, donate and trade their whitelist spot on the market!

Whitelisted Heroes will have a higher chance of securing their mission crafts & weapons to have a head-start in defeating those strong bosses 👿 In addition, just a little secret for the keen eyed 👀, ownership of some pretty limited Whitelist Stickers (could it be of any use? 🤔)

(P.S. Each shortlisted Hero has been given 2 Whitelist Ticket! Go on and spread the love ❤️ )

The Adventurer’s Club 🍹

Giving EXCLUSIVITY a name to the game, the 189 Unique Accounts will be entitled to join our private channel in Discord 👾 Share tips, tricks, and even exclusive rights to your crafts with this channel! 💠

For the shortlisted Heroes: To attain your elusive rights to this private channel, we would like you to head on to our Discord Channel (#🎖-Get-Your-Rank) and post a screenshot of your Inventory Page from AtomicHub clearly displaying 3 items:

  1. Logged-in WAX Wallet Address
  2. Account Display Name
  3. Account Statistics

Upon successful verification ✅, these Heroes will be granted the Discord role of “ 🎖Commanders” and will be granted entry into the Commanders Club 🍻

Click here to find out the 189 Accounts that are granted this private access 😉

🎊 Mission Craft Drop🎊

Heroes! There will be 4 Types of Cargos 🗳 that will be dropped on April 9th 4PM UTC:

  1. Shipment 1 Gold Cargo (500 WAX) — Contains 2 Mission Crafts 🚢
    50 Cargos| 1 Claim per 10 Minutes
  2. Shipment 1 Silver Cargo (300 WAX) — Contains 1 Mission Craft 🛥
    100 Cargos| 1 Claim per 10 Minutes
  3. Batch 1 Gold Crate (250 WAX) — Contains 10 Weapons 🧨
    50 Crates| 1 Claim per 10 Minutes
  4. Batch 1 Silver Crate (100 WAX) — Contains 3 Weapons 💣
    100 Crates| 1 Claim per 10 Minutes

For the zealous 😈 and the anxious 😌, THIS will be our schedule (in UTC) for our Mission Craft drop 📆

📸 3:00PM — Whitelist Ticket Snapshot
👾 3:30PM — Pre-Drop Discord Party

🏅 4:00PM — Whitelist Drop
Drop Link: https://wax.atomichub.io/drops/89748+89749+89751+89752
📸 Ticket Snapshot at 3PM UTC

🎖 4:35PM — Open Drop (Shared Supply from Whitelist Drop)
Drop Link:https://wax.atomichub.io/drops/89753+89754+89755+89756?key=5KDvv5TpFhBxRGxUTHEeC8r2ZWdcwE4riKMwgNkhW7KpDXqzRaJ

Quantity will be updated after the whitelist drop as the supply is shared

🙌 4:50PM — Open Drop Closure

👾 5:00PM — Post-Drop Discord Party

Embark on adventures TODAY 🚀

Heroes ⚔️ It is time for our FIRST Mission Craft Release Drop TOMORROW on 9th April 4PM UTC🔥 With this, Heroes will be able to take full ADVANTAGE of Zendodo Party’s newly added feature (which also is the PIONEER in establishing a scholarship system on the WAX Blockchain 🥇)! It is time to embark on your Missions (Private & Public) 🎆 and earn ZBP 💫, ZENDI💰 & Rare Weapons ⚔️

That’s that! Team Zendodo will catch you on our very FIRST and LIMITED release of Mission and Weapon crates on 9th April 4PM UTC! Join us for the Pre-Drop festivities in our Discord Server 👾 and as they say — TO INFINITY AND BEYOND 🌖

(P.S. For more information and a detailed guide, check out our Mission Craft Whitepaper to understand this new feature better 📚 OR send your Zendodos out on ZenMother’s Missions now for a hands-on experience! 🛩)



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