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6 min readDec 18, 2021

Winter WonDoland Drop will be shifted a day earlier to 23rd December, 4PM UTC to allow for more players to participate! Cue the Holiday Cheers & we will see you then Heroes! 🚀

Ho Ho Ho (or rather Do Do Do 😆) Heroes! 🎅 Welcome to the second part of our Winter WonDoland Special ☃️ Get ready to power up your Party this Winter ❄️ With Limited Edition Tools, Accolades and Unique Zendodos to be obtained in our WonDoland drop on 23rd December, 4PM UTC, this is definitely a season to be jolly! 🔥

It’s time for a Snowdown! Strap in and let’s Sleigh Heroes! ⛷

(P.S. This article contains hints of information regarding upcoming developments that will be reaching Dodoland soon! Do not miss out on them 👀)

ZenMother’s Winter WonDoland Assistants ❄️

It’s a beautiful magical season in Dodoland! 🌨 What better way is there to celebrate than to dress up and spread joy (and… snowball fights?! ⛄️) Our Zendodos are no exception! Catch these loveable characters donning their holiday outfits this Christmas 🍬

With a total of only 4 Limited-Time Unique Zendodos being released, Heroes will have to come, thaw, and conquer to attain them! 🔥

Zen Ho Ho Ho 🎅 Some of these Zendodos may be up to snow good 😉

Utility of the Event Zendodos 💰

For Veteran Heroes, you guys know the drill 🎖 For newer Heroes in Dodoland here’s a heads up; all of these Zendodos have their unique power (top of the card) and are stakeable in our Reward Pools to obtain ZENDI and Zendodos hourly ⛏

That’s not all! These Event Zendodos are considered “Unique” and will provide Heroes with an Entry Multiplier in our Weekly Rewards draw!
(We aren’t about the Grinch Life but talk about a steal! 🎆)

Since our project started in June, we have distributed over 100,000 USD worth in prizes 💰

ZenMother’s Snowshed Tools ⛏

Ever wanted to boost your Staking Power even further? The great ZenMother says look no further! 👀 Coming this Winter, Heroes will be able to purchase WonDoland Tool Packs that contain Event Exclusive Tools to equip their Zendodos with and enhance their Staking Prowess 🔥

Check out the chances of you obtaining the various Rally and Mining Tools from the infographic above! All the best Heroes 🍀 Some of you have been proven to be very lucky 🌟

That’s not all! Treat yourself (& a friend — more information found below!) to a gift this Holiday Season and attain those Rewards faster than ever before!🎁

Gus Globe 🦔 (Evolution I)

Rally Power Boost: 1.04x

Shelldon Globe 🐢 (Evolution I)

Mining Power Boost: 1.04x

Inuka Globe 🐻 (Evolution II)

Rally Power Boost: 1.10x

Rufaro Globe 🦓 (Evolution II)

Mining Power Boost: 1.10x

Hmm…Why are there evolution numbers appearing behind our Tools? 🤔

The Great X’Change 💝

The spirit of giving this jolly season isn’t to be missed out as well Heroes 🎁 Introducing our very first Dodoland Great X’mas Xchange! 🔥 Team Zendodo is excited to announce that for every WonDoland Tool Pack purchased, Heroes will be able to nominate one of their favourite Hero in Dodoland to be given a Tool as well! ❤️ Isn’t it a joy to give? 🚀

Event Instructions 📝

  1. Heroes must purchase a pack from the drop on 23rd December, 4PM UTC
  2. After obtaining a pack, nominate your beneficiary by filling up this form
  3. Heroes must nominate their beneficiaries by 24th December, 4PM UTC
  4. These beneficiaries will receive the Holiday Blessing and be gifted a WonDoland Globe 🌟
  5. After 24th December, 4PM UTC, Unnamed Packs will be rotated into a Gift Pool where a few lucky Heroes will be chosen out of those that have opened the WonDoland Tool Pack to receive a WonDoland Globe of their own 🍀

Note: To be eligible for The Great X’Change, Heroes and their beneficiaries must be Honeycomb Verified 🍯

Ho Ho Ho! To Give is to Receive! 🎅 Spread Joy and Love this X’mas Heroes!

WonDoland Party Drop 🎁

Winter Windoland Total Supply

Gus — Snowman⛄: ️Total Supply of 2,700
WonDoland SnowDodo Packs⚔️: Total Supply of 300

These will be the only WinDoland Event Zendodos released by us and to get higher evolution Event Zendodos, Heroes will have to head here with 3 of the same Zendodos to evolve them 🚀

The Tools obtained from our SnowDodo Packs are also exclusive to this event so be sure to grab one before its all sold out!
(PSST… Holding on to a few will be useful for an upcoming feature 😉)

Priority Drop 🎖

🕐 Date & Time: 23rd December, 3:55PM UTC
📦 Drop Size: 500 Gus — Snowman | 50 WonDoland Packs
💰 Price: 18 WAX each (10% off) | 63 WAX each (10% off)
⚪️ Whitelist Requirement: 100 Party Power + Honeycomb Verification
🔗 Link to Priority Drop:

Participate in our whitelist drop for early mints and 10% off Open Drop prices. Own a Zendodo Party with more than 100 Party Power; you can check your owned power in our leaderboard or through your profile.

📸 The snapshot of whitelisted Heroes will be done 55 minutes before the drop at 3:00 PM UTC.

Open Drop 🚀

🕐 Date & Time: 23rd December, 4:00PM UTC
📦 Drop Size: 2,200 Gus — Snowman | 250 WonDoland Packs
💰 Price: 20 WAX each | 70 WAX each
🔗 Link to Open Drop:

Our Winter WonDoland Open Drop will be featured on WAX homepage to allow for more Heroes to join! As such, we will not be utilising a keyed link for this drop but reCAPTCHAs instead for protection against the bots.

Heroes! Make sure to keep your hands warm for this 🔥

The X’Mas Collection

To keep up the Holiday Spirit of Giving, the ZenMother will be rewarding Heroes who manage to collect a specific number of Event Zendodos by 2nd January, 6PM UTC 🎁

Cue the holiday cheers! These Heroes will be awarded with an accolade symbolising their holiday pride and this will be displayed on the Heroes’ profile for maximum bragging (or rather…carolling) rights 👑

As the great ZenSanta says: With great Accolade’s, come even greater Staking Power! 🔥 These Accolades can be staked along with a Zendodo and provide a Staking Power Boost to that Zendodo!

Mistle-Do’s Kiss 💋

Requirement: Collect and Hold 3 Unique Event Zendodos
Staking Power Boost: 1.12x

Blitzen’s Honour 🦌

Requirement: Collect and Hold All 4 Unique Event Zendodos
Staking Power Boost: 1.30x

An unfolded love story and a Christmas Trophy — A perfect way to tie up the Holiday Season ❤️

The Season of Giving (Continued!) 🎁

The chances of securing yourself some goodies this Winter CONTINUES! 🍀
In line with our Jam-Packed Winter celebrations, the ZenMother is also issuing yet another Prize-Filled giveaway for Heroes to win even more this Winter 🚀

Want to win MORE? Join our 1000 USD Magical Giveaway here! 💰

We hope you Heroes are excited with all the events we have in store! 🎆 But thats not all… an EVEN BIGGER snowstorm closely follows 🌬 (Keep your eyes peeled Heroes!) 🚢

Let’s have a blast! 🔥



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