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Zendodo Games drop will be postponed to 30th October, 4PM UTC due to conflicting banner ad space on AtomicHub. We will swap in our Season 2 drop on 29th October, 4PM UTC!

This Halloween… The ZenMother is here to play. Announcing the Zendodo Games! Premiering on 30th October, 4pm UTC, Heroes are encouraged to amass their lovable Zendodos and take part.

It is time to choose your path. Will your Zendodos join as Perpetrators to facilitate the gruelling, cruel games? Or will they walk the path of Players, risking it all for a chance at the handsome prizes?

Keep your eyes open for we know you’ve been waiting for the green light!

2 Evolution Paths — The Perpetrator and The Player

To take part in the Zendodo Games, we have released 6 Event Zendodos, with Season 2 Zendodos deciding on their route — the Perpetrator or the Player! Similar to the Tokyo 2020 Event, both routes will have their own Evolution Path as they work their way up towards becoming the Apex Zendodos. Remember, it takes 3 Zendodos of the same type & evolution to evolve and climb up the ranks as a more powerful Zendodo; providing them with a staking power boost and more rewards from our Rally and Mining Pools!

The Players 🎲

Fuel your protagonist’s dreams and team up with the Players to risk it all for a second chance! We have Paige — Player 076 in search of reuniting her family, Stone — Player 119 that is currently traversing Dodoland for a brighter future, and Duke George IX — Player 546 scraping to make ends meet.

The Perpetrators 😈

Feeling wicked? Work with the merciless, cold-blooded servants known as the Perpetrators. Toddy — Guard to maintain order and control over the players, Skipper — FrontMan as the gamemaster, and Shang-Yu — VIP as the almighty individual betting on the lives of players.

Utilities of Zendodos

All of these Zendodos have their unique power (top of the card) and are stakeable in our Reward Pools to obtain ZENDI and Zendodos hourly. That’s not all! These Event Zendodos are considered “Unique” and will provide Heroes with an entry multiplier in our Weekly Rewards draw! (Talk about a steal!). Since our project started in June, we have distributed over 213,000 WAX in prizes 💰

Zendodo Games Drop

Due to the unprecedented influx of demand for Zendodo Party’s NFTs, Heroes are able to vote and be involved in deciding our drop mechanism and drop size for the Zendodo Games. You are now able to vote for (1) Maximum Claim per Purchase and (2) Total Drop Amount. Voting Ends: 30th October, 2PM UTC. Vote here!

Zendodo Games Total Supply

Paige — Player 076: Total Supply of 1,620
Toddy — Guard: Total Supply of 1,620

These will be the only Event Zendodos released by us, to get the higher evolution Event Zendodos, Heroes will have to head here with 3 of the same Zendodo and evolve them 🔥 Team Zendodo will be utilising 20 of each Zendodo for giveaways 🎁 More information below!

Whitelist Drop

🕐 Date & Time: 30th October, 3:55PM UTC
📦 Drop Size: 400 Paiges — Player 076 | 400 Toddies — Guard
💰 Price: 18 WAX each (10% off)
⚪️ Whitelist Requirement: 100 Party Power
🔗 Link to Whitelist Drop: https://wax.atomichub.io/drops/84525+84526

Participate in our whitelist drop for early mints and 10% off Open Drop prices. Own a Zendodo Party with more than 100 Party Power; you can check your owned power in our leaderboard or through your profile. The snapshot of whitelisted Heroes will be done 25 minutes before the drop at 3:30PM UTC.

Open Drop

🕐 Date & Time: 30th October, 4:00PM UTC
📦 Drop Size: 1,200 Paiges — Player 076 | 1,200 Toddies — Guard
💰 Price: 20 WAX each
🔗 Link to Open Drop: https://wax.atomichub.io/drops/84527+84528

Our Open Drop will be featured on WAX homepage and hence, we will not be utilising a keyed link for this drop but we will protect the drop from bots using reCAPTCHAs.

The ZendiCard 💳

As a token of gratitude, the ZenMother is rewarding Heroes who manage to collect a specific number of Event Zendodos by 7th November, 6PM UTC. These Heroes will be awarded with a ZendiCard worthy of their status and this will be displayed on the Heroes’ profile for maximum bragging rights. With great Accolade’s, come even greater Staking Power! These Accolades can be staked along with a Zendodo and provide a Staking Power Boost to that Zendodo!

The Bronze ZendiCard 🥉
Requirement: Collect and Hold 4 Event Zendodos
Staking Power Boost: 1.05x

The Silver ZendiCard 🥈
Requirement: Collect and Hold 5 Event Zendodos
Staking Power Boost: 1.10x

The Gold ZendiCard 🥇
Requirement: Collect and Hold all 6 Event Zendodos
Staking Power Boost: 1.20x

New: Heroes will be rewarded the ZendiCard for every set of required Zendodo Obtained. For example, a player obtained 1 Shang-Yu, 2 Duke George, 3 Skipper, 3 Stone, 3 Paige and 3 Toddy. This player will obtain all 3 ZendiCards. If another player has obtained 2 of each Event Zendodo, he will be awarded with 2 Gold ZendiCard! The mint of the card distributed will be based on your total Party Power at snapshot; where the Hero with the most powerful party will get the lowest mint.

The Game keeps getting better…

The ZenDdakji Initiative

Heroes, it is time to call upon the people around you to take up the mantle and join the Zendodo Game. For a limited time, the ZenMother and her VIPs are rewarding Heroes who are able to amass as many new followers into the game as possible!

From now till the commencement of the Zendodo Game on 30th October, 4PM UTC, Heroes are encouraged to flash their shiny Discord invitation links to as many players as they can to take part in the Zendodo Games. The ZenMother is promising to increase the ZenDdakji Prize Pool by 5 ZENDIs 💰 for each successful Discord invite! Top inviters will also receive the Ddkaji Accolade which increases your Zendodo’s Staking Power when staked together! These Accolades may not be the most powerful but it would be the rarest of them all; only 3 Gold Ddakjis will ever be in circulation!


Top 3 Inviters
Gold Ddakjis (Provides a Staking Boost of 1.15x)
Share 30% of ZENDIs Prize Pool (10% each)

Next 5 Inviters
Silver Ddakjis (Provides a Staking Boost of 1.10x)
Share 25% of ZENDIs Prize Pool (5% each)

Next 12 Inviters
Bronze Ddakjis (Provides a Staking Boost of 1.05x)
Share 40% of ZENDIs Prize Pool (3.75% each)

How to Participate:

  1. Join us on Discord!
  2. Go to our Server Menu and create an invitation link 🔗; make sure to edit the link so that it doesn’t expire! (The default link expires in 7 days).
  3. Save the link somewhere and invite all your friends to the Zendodo Games 🎲 only through this invite link!

How to Track your Invitation:

  1. With every new member joining, your new invitation count will be displayed on #👋-aloha-heroes.
  2. You can head to #👋-aloha-heroes and use these following commands only in this channel:
  • /invites : This command displays the number of new Heroes that have joined our Discord Channel through your invitation link 🔗
  • /invitecodes : This command displays your invitation Codes!
  • /leaderboard invites : This command displays the leaderboard to see where you currently stand and the chances of you getting a Ddakji Accolade.

May the odds be ever in your favour 🍀

The ZenMother and VIPs are definitely thrilled to see Heroes take part in the Zendodo Game. Growing the team of Perpetrators to manage the event and enjoying the demise of Players, they wish all Heroes the best of luck in the games! To celebrate the launch of this event, the ZenMother and VIPs have issued a giveaway worth 1000 USD, join here!

We know you heroes will do whatever it takes when the day comes. And don’t lose your marbles! 🔮




Zendodo is a NFT game that lives on the WAX blockchain. Join by Amassing your Zendodo Party through Evolving, Morphing and Staking your Zendodos!

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Zendodo Party

Zendodo Party

Zendodo is a NFT game that lives on the WAX blockchain. Join by Amassing your Zendodo Party through Evolving, Morphing and Staking your Zendodos!

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