Zendodo Mutation Extravaganza 🎆

Heroes! With Season 2 in Dodoland coming to a conclusion very soon, Team Zendodo would like to launch a final mutation event and reward Heroes for progressing to clinch those Season Rewards 🏆 and bolstering their Party Power along the way ⚔️ This Event will conclude on 28 Nov 4PM UTC and with its ever-juicy rewards, this is surely not to be missed 💰

Evolution Explosion 💥

Ever needed another reason to collect our loveable Season 2 Zendodos? 🤔 You now have one! Besides being rewarded in our Season Completion Rewards, Heroes are now handsomely rewarded for every new Mint of Evolution II and above Zendodos!
Ending on 28 Nov 4PM UTC, every new Mint of Evolution II Season 2 Zendodo and above will entitle you to the following bonuses! 🔥:

Paige : 0.5 ZENDI Coins (~0.6 USD)
Skipper : 1.5 ZENDI Coins (~1.7 USD)
Stone : 5 ZENDI Coins (~5.5 USD)
Duke George IX : 15 ZENDI Coins (~17 USD)
Shang-Yu : 50 ZENDI Coins (~55 USD)

Note: This would mean that a Hero that has newly minted from Paige to Shang-Yu will get all the cumulative rewards!

The above stated rewards are not all! Read on to find out more on a way to increase this prize pool 💫

P.S. Heroes can now work towards those Season Completion Rewards while earning more! 🚀 (Heroes are also able to clinch more than 1 Season Completion Rewards so get evolving now ✨

Morphing Madness ⚗️

Heroes! Would you like to raise your chances at our ever-growing Weekly Rewards and have a head start to Season 3 in Dodoland?
Look no further as we bring you our time-exclusive morphing event! 🌟 Morphing our limited edition Zendodos will now reward you with respective amounts of Season 3 Zendodos 🙌 Its mighty morphing time!! 👾

Prizes 🎁
Cobble : 2x Season 3 Evolution I Zendodo
Riot : 1x Season 3 Evolution II Zendodo
Jellybelly : 1x Season 3 Evolution II Zendodo
Salvatore: 2x Season 3 Evolution I Zendodo + 1x Season 3 Evolution II Zendodo

Get morphing Heroes! These Limited Edition Zendodos have a maximum Mint and once they run out, they will be gone forever! 🐾

Zendodo Invite Party 🎊

That is not all Heroes! Team Zendodo is proud to announce our second ever invitation event during this event to carry on the festivities! 🎇 Call upon all fellow Heroes to join in on the fun (and be rewarded at the same time!) 🌖

Prizes ⚔️

For every 10 successful invites*, the acclaimed inviter will be rewarded with 1x Season 3 Evolution I Zendodo.

Should this inviter be participating in the Evolution Explosion 💥 event, he/she will also be handsomely gifted with a 0.1x multiplier of the rewards earned from that event for every 10 successful invites.

This would mean that for 30 successful invites as an example, the inviter will walk away with not only 3x Season 3 Evolution I Zendodos, they will also get a 0.3x multiplier in their rewards earned in the Evolution Explosion 💥 event!

This is huge Heroes! There is no time better than now to participate in the festivities! 😍

*As with our first invitation event, only Heroes that have a Honeycomb Verified wallet and the status of “Honeycomb-Verified” will be recorded as a valid referral. (Steps to get verified can be found in the #🎟-Honeycomb Discord Channel)

How to Participate:

  1. Join us on Discord!
  2. Go to our Server Menu and create an invitation link 🔗
  3. Save the link somewhere and invite all your friends to the Zendodo Games 🎲 only through this invite link!

How to Track your Invitation:

  1. With every new member joining, your new invitation count will be displayed on #📫-invites
  2. You can head to #📫-invites and use these following commands only in this channel:
  • /invites : This command displays the number of new Heroes that have joined our Discord Channel through your invitation link(s) 🔗
  • /invitecodes : This command displays your invitation Codes!




Zendodo is a NFT game that lives on the WAX blockchain. Join by Amassing your Zendodo Party through Evolving, Morphing and Staking your Zendodos!

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Zendodo Party

Zendodo Party

Zendodo is a NFT game that lives on the WAX blockchain. Join by Amassing your Zendodo Party through Evolving, Morphing and Staking your Zendodos!

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