Zendodo Prank Party 🥳

Knock Knock… April… Who? April Fool’s! 😆 As a day filled with jokes, pranks, laughter and annoying friends draws close, so does Zendodo Prank Party! 🎊 This April Fool’s, Zendodo Party will be releasing 2 NEW Event Zendodos to celebrate the playful day 🎈

Want a chance to reap those juicy rewards from our great “Launch Off” event AND secure yourselves some Limited Edition Pranksters this April? Read on to find out more! 📚

The Playful DUO 🃏

Watch out this April 👀 Dodoland’s pranksters are in town and ready for some mischief 😈 Catch them before they get you with the tricks that are up their sleeves 🔫

REMEMBER 🚨 collecting these loveable Zendodos will earn YOU points in our Mission Crafts “Launch Off” event and CONTRIBUTE towards some JUICY 🍖 Mission Crafts, a NEW Noble Zendodo 👑 ANDD ZENDI 💰

Zendodo Prank Party Drop 🐾

These Event Zendodos will be available in Kalea’s Tiki Hut for ONLY 48 Hours ⏳, from 30th March, 4PM UTC till 1st April, 4PM UTC. Heroes will be able to purchase X’loto — Shocker for 20 ZENDIs. Heroes will then be able to take 3 X’lotos— Shocker and evolve them into Yukiza — The Mime through our Evolution Page 🎆

These Event Zendodos are not only stakeable in our Staking Pools that rewards YOU with Zendodos and ZENDI, they will also provide Heroes with a boost in their Weekly Reward draw entries and be used in our upcoming Mission Crafts gameplay on 2nd April 🛳

Zendodo Party’s Great “Launch Off” 🚀

Attention! 📢 As mentioned before, collecting these Event Zendodos will allow Heroes to gather points for our “Launch Off” event, awarding Heroes with the “Mooner” Mission Craft, a BRAND NEW Noble Zendodo and MORE 💫

For you pranksters out there, this is it 🌟 Adding the mischievous Zendodo to your collection this April will be beneficial to the race as well!

Minting Yukiza — The Mime : 3 Points 🤡

That’s not all! Click here to find out more about the event and HOW to accumulate points to WIN those prizes 📚

This will be a tight race Heroes! Secure ALL the points you can get and make sure that you’re in the lead 🔥 Don’t FOOL around and get to the top this April 🌄 The fun’s just getting started 😉

The FINAL S4 Morph — Rickie Rolled 🎤

*Cue the beat* HEROES! In celebration of April Fools and the Pre-Launch of our long awaited Mission Crafts, we present to you — Rickie Rolled 🎤 Chasing down memes and dreams, you know Zendodo Party will never let you down nor give you up 😆 Prepare yourselves for the LEGENDARY pop star arriving in Dodoland on 30th March, 4.15PM UTC 🚀

With only 100 Mints available ⚗️, it’s your chance to secure him AND attain the multitude of rewards including our EXCLUSIVE Season Completion Bonuses & scrumptious points toward this event!

Hurry on down because the show’s getting started 🎥



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