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5 min readApr 13, 2022


Heroes! It’s time again for another update from Team Zendodo! 📪 The past few weeks have been eventful with our Mission Crafts BETA release and EVEN our official sale that occurred on 9th April 4PM UTC! 🔥 Thinking that things will slow down and adjust? Think again Heroes 🤔 It’s about to get HEATED in this part of town so get ready for the lineup of EVENTs that we have planned 🌠

BUT FIRST, let us go through some of the recent news, updates, and changes that will be arriving in Dodoland 🎊 From Staking Pool changes, Mission Craft updates, ANDD Dodoland’s newest event “The ZENDI Zealot ⚡️” — You know what you got to do: Grab a hot one 🍵 or cold one 🍺 and let’s get down to business!

Pool Sizes & Weekly Rewards

📈 Rally Pool = 490 Zendodos / Week ⚔️
Rewarding Zendodo: Nala 🐘

📈 Mining Pool = 4,725 ZENDI / Week 💰

🎉 Weekly Rewards = 2,000 WAX + 75 Zendodos

  • Tier 1: 50 WAX + 1 Tadle 🐠 (10 Winners)
  • Tier 2: 25 WAX + 2 Tenders 🐥 (30 Winners)
  • Tier 3: 12.5 WAX + 1 Tenders 🐥 (60 Winners)

Read more on our Staking Pools & Weekly Rewards!

STAKING Pool Changes ⛏

With the release of Mission Crafts, the Bureau of Dodoland enforced a review the current reward pools Zendodo Party has to offer 💰 The addition of an active gameplay mechanism in Zendodo Party requires Heroes to be more involved in the earning of rewards.

With the roll out of ZenBattle Challenges shortly (more about this below ⬇️), players will be able to gain even more through this active mechanism and we would like to shift the focus towards that 🌈

With this, it is deemed that a slight tweak to our Weekly Reward numbers must occur for Heroes to maintain their asset values and reward earning potential ⚖️

This update will be live on 14th April 4PM UTC ⏰ BUT Heroes can expect that constant reviews will be set into place and changes will be made accordingly to maintain BOTH the assets and earning values of Heroes 💯

ZenBattlePoints (ZBP) 🔰

Heroes! As more of you try out Mission Crafts for the first time and get a hands-on experience on Zendodo Party’s active gameplay mechanism, you may have noticed a new type of reward received through successful completions of your travels 🌈 Needless to say, there have been some questions raised as to what exactly is ZBP and how it is used in the great world of Dodoland 🎆 Well… fret not! We are here to debunk your queries 🔍

What is ZenBattlePoint (ZBP)?

ZBP are a new form of reward that are issued to valiant Heroes upon successful completion of Missions 💯 Calculated based on factors such as Individual Energy and Damage expended ⚔️, Heroes will receive varying values of ZBP depending on the intensity of the Mission and Participation 🚢
Interested to find out more? Click here for an in-depth look into its calculations ➕

What is ZBP used for?

Well Heroes, very shortly, Team Zendodo will be releasing Zendodo Party’s first ZenBattle Challenge Episode 1 🚩 You heard that right! Coming in as a Seasonal Challenge, Heroes will be able to team up with one another and take on a series of Missions to earn ZBP and ensure that they are in the lead for a nifty prize 🎁 Hmm.. Read on to find out what the ZenMother has in mind in terms of bounties containing WAX & MORE! 💰

With that being said, the Asset Management (Scholarship) system that was pioneered by Zendodo Party on the WAX Blockchain will be an integral part of this race as Heroes from all over Dodoland take part — regardless of Asset, Power, or Experience ✅ Do get used to it Heroes!

ZenBattle Challenge Episode 1 🎆

Heroes, get ready for our ready for our FIRST run of our ZenBattle Challenge! With over 6 Accolades 🎴, 3 Noble Zendodos 👑, 5 Event Exclusive Weapons ⚔️, and 1 Event Exclusive Mission Craft to be won 🔥 this Event is going to be LIT (Over 5,000 WAX & 221,550 WAX worth of Prizes to be won — An INSANELY high number we’ve all been waiting for) 🚀

More details will be released soon — keep your eyes and ears peeled for the official announcement 📝 (And keep stacking those ZBP! Those will come in extra extra handy 💫)

Craft Recruitment 🚢

Heroes! With some of you owning your PERSONAL crafts and being able to dictate your adventures moving forward, a new channel #🚢-Craft-Recruitment has been set up for ALL Heroes to announce upcoming planned missions and to RALLY up your own crews ⚔️ THIS will be crucial in the upcoming event ZenBattle Challenge as Heroes battle it out (literally 😆) to climb the ladder and attain those time-exclusive rewards 🔥

GOLD is always BETTER 🎇

💰 Price: 250 WAX each

Let’s GOLD Heroes 🍻 Introducing our NEWEST Addition to Dodoland: Gold Seasonal packs 🔥 With increased draw chances, the GOLD packs provide Heroes with more value as compared to a silver pack and makes it a whopping more profitable compared to a generic evolution up from the Base Zendodo 💥

Want to be one of the FIRST individuals to get your hands on these packs? Take part in our NEWEST Event: “The ZENDI Zealot ⚡️” to recruit some of our powerful Zephites 😈 and get your hands on the Shiny and Glimmery ✨ GOLD packs!

The ZENDI Zealot ⚡️

Well..Well..Well.. It’s TIME for another Shocking event in Dodoland “The ZENDI Zealot” 🔌 Get REWARDED for NEW Mints of Zephites through this event and receive ZENDI rebates for taking part in the Zap Lab ⚡️

This event will be highly beneficial for Heroes to hop on and get some really powerful allies for the upcoming Zen Battle Challenge! Trust us, you won’t want to miss out 😉

Hurry on down Heroes! This event reverberates and sends shockwaves through Dodoland 🌍 HOWEVER, it will end on 24th April 6PM UTC so get on Zapping!



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