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Heroes, it is almost time for Zendodo Party’s anticipated Mission Crafts release🔥 — A revolutionary gameplay experience to put your adventurous Zendodos to use ⚔️ & to increase those rewards to a whole new level 🚀

In this article, we will introduce a snippet of what you can expect from Missions and reveal how 20 Lucky Heroes 👑 can get their hands on a FREE & adequately Powerful Mission Craft to participate in our Beta Test Pre-Release Event!(Ends 16 January 6PM UTC) 🚢

Before that! Check out our Mission Crafts Trailer Video that the team has put together! 🎥

Whitepaper 📝

Heroes, embarking on Missions will be a whole new experience 🌟 Step away from our Staking Pool mechanisms and be involved in active gameplay to earn MORE rewards than our staking pools💰

With the introduction of Mission Crafts, Heroes will see the launch of new assets (Crafts & Weapons) and a Brand New Token (ZBP — Zen Battle Points) in Zendodo Party ⚔️

If you’d like to read more (much much more…) about the developments in Dodoland and explore the guide we have prepared, take a read on our Mission Crafts Whitepaper by clicking here!

Be a Pioneer Adventurer 🥇

It’s the time you all have been waiting for — getting your hands on the Free Mission Craft 💌 Making the first move, these Heroes will be able to send out their crafts out for Missions weeks before our drop, allowing for maximum bragging rights and of course, a fatter wallet 💵

With 20 Mission Crafts available for a pool of almost 2,000 holders, this competition will be tight with a Points System in play 💪*

Here’s the breakdown:

  • 10 Heroes with the MOST Points 💯
  • 5 Heroes from a weighted draw based on points ➗
  • 5 Heroes from a randomised draw 🍀
    (Everyone with more than 100 pts will have an equal chance of winning)

*This Points System is put into place so that Team Zendodo will be able to allocate the Prized Mission Crafts to our valiant supporters & Heroes of Dodoland🏅

Scoring Guide 💯

Heroes will have a variety of methods to rack up points by 16 Jan 6PM UTC:

  • Participating in our Winter Wondoland Drop ❄️
  • Evolving, Morphing & Zapping Assets ⚡️
  • Active Participation in our Discord Server 👾

Winter Wondoland

Dropping on 23rd Dec, 4PM UTC & in addition to all the benefits that Heroes may gain from the event (Cute Unique Event Zendodos, Tools, The Great X’Change, Accolades and more!), Heroes will also earn points based on their participation in the event ❄️

As stated in the infographic above, collecting the Event Zendodos and earning the Accolades will grant you 130 PTS / 400 PTS accordingly! Pack openers will also be given 40 PTS for each pack opened!

Be sure not to miss this Event Drop to significantly raise your chances at those Elusive Mission Crafts 🔥

Event Details and Drop Link:

Evolving, Morphing & Zapping Assets

For Heroes that are eager to Evolve and Mint even stronger Zendodos, you will be rewarded too! Earn even more points by Minting our Season 3 Zendodos (Evolution IV & Above) or head to our Zap Lab to rack up those numbers!

With the introduction of our upcoming S3 Morphs, Heroes will also earn points by Minting the 2 New Zendodos that are about to hit Dodoland 🔥
(Tip: Remember to save some Zendodos for the Morphs ⚗️)

Discord Activity

Finally, Heroes will also be weighted by their Activity & Participation in our Discord channel! We certainly do not want to miss out Heroes who have been present in our socials ⚔️

With the publication of this article, Heroes will be awarded 3 Points for every subsequent 100 EXP that they have earned! EXP is earned via participation & engagement in our Discord Server. Check out how much EXP you currently have here! 👾

Word from Team Zendodo 💌

Heroes! We hope you are all excited for our Mission Crafts release coming this Winter ❄️ With this significant update to the project, Heroes will be able expect notable improvements in all aspects to the game (not forgetting their earnings 😆)!

With that, Team Zendodo is proud to announce the development that we have all been waiting for 🚀 For newer Heroes to Dodoland, do check out our entire collection guide here to have a better understanding on Zendodo Party 🎊

We’ll catch you on the sails Heroes! 🚢

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