The Zap-Up ⚡️

Zendodo Party
3 min readNov 30, 2021

Here we go Heroes! In tandem with the release of our Zap Lab, our next electrifying event is here 🎆 We hope you guys are plugged in and ready to go 🔌 because we’re going to see some newly minted Zephites entering Dodoland this season!🚀(with Rewards in store of course🎁)

Our Juicy Tiki Sale and Zap Attack will end on 12th December, 4PM UTC! ⏰

Juicy Tiki Sale 🎉

Our lovely Tiki Hut store owner Kaela is now running a promotional campaign! With discounts greater than the Black Friday Sale🔥, Heroes are able to purchase all the Potions they need for the Zapping Madness⚡️ at a STEAL💰

There’s no time like NOW! Load up your bags and pay Dr Doomsman a visit to secure a successful Zap of your own🚀

Zap Attack 👾

BZZT…Your time to climb up the Zephite ladder is here! The power increase gained from our exponentially stronger Zephites will send shockwaves all throughout Dodoland 🏔

Raise your Party Power by dabbing into the Zap Lab (with your discounted safety potions ❤️) — all while being handsomely rewarded for your efforts🌟 Remember, having more unique Zephites will not only increase your Staking Power but it will also increase your chances at our Weekly Rewards 💰

Ending on 12 Dec 4PM UTC, every new Mint of Zephites will entitle you to the following rewards:

Prizes 🎁

Valerx 👹 : 2 ZENDIs
Count Davis 🦇 : 4 ZENDIs
Mortulo 🦅 : 3x Season 3 Evolution I Zendodo
Alcatraz 🐧 : 12x Season 3 Evolution I Zendodo
Warmhart 🐱: 1x Season 3 Silver Pack + 6x Season 3 Evolution I Zendodo
Maxidon 🦖 : 2x Season 3 Silver Pack + 100 ZENDIs
Kaloong 🐉 : 5x Season 3 Silver Pack + 300 ZENDIs

That’s not all Heroes, for every Zap done in the Zap Lab, you will receive our very own Dodoland Cashback Special!💫 50% of all ZENDIs spent Zapping will be returned back to safety of your wallets at the end of the event❤️

Will YOU be the victorious Hero to attain the first few elusive Mints of our Shy Warmhart, Playful Maxidon, and the All-Mighty Kaloong?⚔️

The Zap Lab awaits!⚡️



Zendodo Party

Zendodo is a NFT game that lives on the WAX blockchain. Join by Amassing your Zendodo Party through Evolving, Morphing and Staking your Zendodos!